You who hear prayer….to You all men will come – Ps 65.2

From 4 -6am on Thursday mornings, there is a small group of us that meet in one of the side rooms of the prayer room, and focus our intercession on Children. This morning (my last night) we spent a good chunk of time praying for the ending of abortion, the salvation of abortion doctors and the mercy of God for our nation concerning this issue.
I went to bed at 6:50am, woke up at 2pm – went for a jog and then drove to Mc Donalds to return a redbox movie we rented (Surfs up – was funny). Sweaty and still out of breath, I approached the door and the newspaper box caught my eye. Glancing down as I began to walk past a front page headline caught my eye, “Late -Term Abortions broke Law” I ran back to the car, grabbed some quarters and bought the paper, and sat in my car reading the article about the country district attorney who has brought a 107-count criminal complaint against a Planned Parenthood in Kansas, and one very famous abortion doctor – George Tiller. Last night we prayed for justic to come to Kansas City concerning abortion, about an hour before I had been praying for the Lord to have mercy on Dr.Tiller, to bring him to repentance and Salvation. The newspaper article was an encouragement to me that the Lord hears – and responds.

I drove home, showered, got ready for work, went to my office and interviewed an elderly couple who are coming on staff. They are in their late 50’s, and were part of the first Simeon Company Internship that we did in 2003, and couldn’t be more excited to be moving here. After the interview I got on to check my email. Last night (this morning) we also spent some time praying for Emmanuel Lim. She was born on Monday, to the director of our Bible School, and was only 5lbs,4oz’s with several serious problems. There has been such an attack against the babies of our leadership for the last year, and we cried out for Emma’s healing, and wholeness, and for the Lord to protect the lives being birthed in this house. Opening up outlook, my first email was a staff wide update that baby Emma is doing significantly better, though she’s still not out of the clear – she’s breathing on her own and beginning to cry and move around.

Surely you are a God who hears prayer, and You move at the sound of our weak voices. Who will not fear You and glorify Your name O Lord of Hosts…