The Beginning

Well here we are! I’ve finally set up the promised blog to keep you all in the loop of my life as an Intercessory Missionary.

It is Saturday evening at 8:50pm, I am currently working at my little desk in the Staff Development Office (we’ve changed the name from Sacred Trust). My task of the day; Data Entry. I’m working on updating our staff files on the IHOP website, and it should take most of my office time for the next few months- very mundane yet oh so helpful ūüôā

The webstream is playing in the background of my computer, a Misty Edwards solo devo, and my heart is so tender I could weep in a moment if I let myself.  

Refiners Fire, my hearts one desire is to be Holy – set apart for You Lord. I choose to be Holy – set apart for You my Master, I am ready to do Your will.

These last few weeks there has been a renewed thankfulness in my heart for this place and a renewed¬†energy for the violence it takes to lay hold of the¬†Kingdom (Matthew 11.12), “Lord how is it that¬†You have¬†brought me to this place at this time in history? There is no¬†other thing I would rather do, than pour out my life at Your feet,¬†to be found loving You with everything inside of me, and to be¬†Your friend.” I’ve felt such¬†grace to focus my heart in prayer and in bible study; it’s as though the moment I quiet my mind to speak to Jesus, I feel His undistracted attention on me, as though He’s been waiting for my voice, for my eyes. He’s beginning to convince me that my weak prayers move the very heart of Heaven, in these moments when it seems that He is nearer than my skin.

Cause I know You want to be found, so much more than I want to find you – and I love the way You hide, so that I will search You out, You’re saying ‘Come away come away, I want to meet with you…’

Surely there is a fire burning inside of me; the God of all Creation has set His affections on this weak and broken heart. How can I not give Him my heart, my love, my life?

You’re a mystery, like poetry Like a parable a rhyme or a riddle – You’re a mystery, You’re wrapped in clouds, You’re shouting so loud just waiting to be discovered, You’re a mystery You’re so intriguing, You’re a mystery so inviting –¬† You saved yourself for the weak, the broken and the meek and only the hungry dine, only the thirsty drink deep. You saved yourself for the needy You saved Yourself for me…. – You’re a mystery


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