Monday’s are my Sabbath day – the day in my week that is set aside to refresh and restore my body, mind, soul and spirit. A day of rest……and fires 🙂 My parents have given me, somewhat of a large metal chiminea that sits in my back yard underneath a large oak tree.  On the best of my Sabbath’s we will start a fire between 10pm and midnight, typically being joined by a handful of friends, my brother Jeremy and my sister Katrina, and it won’t end until 6 or sometimes 7am. Spreading out a blanket and plopping down with my bible, journal, guitar and a couple of books, I will leave only for a new cup of tea or to use the restroom. Typically during the day on Monday I do any necessary errands, laundry and my weekly cleaning, making the following  hours before the crackling wood even more precious; to find time to read and write in the business of life, especially it seems, life here at IHOP is a luxury that I make sure to schedule in and fight to keep.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was perfectly comfortable and the falling leaves were amazing! I’d raked a path to the “fire pit” and lit the wood around 2 am, was soon joined by a friend who stayed till 7. We spent the hours talking of the Lord and encouraging one another with the Word of God. And now it’s Tuesday.

It seems like the better my Monday’s are, the harder it is heave myself out of bed on Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are a corporate fasting day at IHOP, on this day every week we focus each of our intercessory prayer meetings on the nation of Isreal; fasting and praying for salvation for God’s chosen people. And as usual the Tuesday fasting day has found me grumpy, impatient, irritated and wanting green beans. One thing I DO enjoy about fasting is the thankfulness for food when we’re done, and seeing as how Thanksgiving is in two days, I couldn’t talk myself out of it today.

So here’ s to not eating today IHOP! Here’s to your dedication to praying for Israel everytime you don’t feel like it, and can’t remember why, Here’s to the Tuesday’s that you go to the prayer room and weep for the hearts of the Jewish nation, here’s to fasting and believing that the Lord is tenderizing your heart, that He hears your weak prayers and that each one of these day’s matter in the grand scheme.


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