Have been asking God to help me to “be angry and not sin”(Ephesians 4:26). I don’t know how to fight and not get heated and take things personally. Since beginning to make this request…more and more situations are coming across my path resulting in my frustration, irritation and anger. Works that way don’t it ? But the grace (the empowering strength to not give in) of Yah is sufficient to help me in all of my weakness…..and when I give in to anger, it helps in humbling me to apologize to Him and the recipient of my wrath (most often my family).

That bothers me too….it seems the ones that it is hardest to exercise 1 Corinthians 13 love with are the ones that I care the most about. But if I am not those things with my family who know me the most, see me at my worst and still don’t leave, am I truthfully operating in those things with anyone in my life or am I just good at putting on a mask? Probably a little of both.

Most day’s I awake with a song, a chorus, a melody line running through my head – on the really good days I’ll wake to hearing the music dripping off my lips in seeping morning murmurings. It started during my internship; I would often wake to the sound Clay Edwards or Richard Liantonio singing in my mind. This morning it was a – maybe Enter the Worship Circle – ” Pour out Your fire Lord, upon Your people”. A good encouragement to wake up to on a Tuesday 🙂


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