Tenderness before God…I remember why I like fasting.

am currently fighting a migraine I’ve been fighting for a week and a half. Nearly 2 months ago after a powerful encounter with the One who is Mercy…the cloud lifted. For nearly two years a “cloud” had rested over my head; pressure, oppression, loss of memory, fuzzy thoughts, debilitating migraines. There would be seasons when the migraines would lessen retreating back to the occasional as throughout my childhood but the cloud never lifted. After the encounter I didn’t have the slightest of a headache for nearly two weeks, then only a handful of migraines after a month, then a month and a half. And then last week started. As I fight for freedom and to not loose hope, it feels as though I’m fighting for my destiny; Wholeness in God.

But I know the One who makes all things new. Though excited and encouraged I’m not satisfied with a partial healing.

My heart also hurts today as I wait for more news on the shooting in Omaha. I remember driving to work last spring, gazing at the sky over the city and thinking, “You have never been more ready to pour out Your Spirit on this city Father, please come.” A soft prophetic voice in Omaha passed into Glory on Saturday I envy you Mr.Dale, you are with the One that I long for. Yhwh pour out Your Spirit in Omaha, surely we need You like never before.


2 thoughts on “Tenderness before God…I remember why I like fasting.

  1. Chris, I pray the the Lord would continue to show you mercy, and in His kindness and compassion bring complete healing and restoration. He so longs to do it and He will, I believe it!

    You’re amazing and I love you 🙂

  2. I agree, my sweet friend. Your entry brought much encouragement and revelation of the beauty of this invitation to be with our King! I am praying for you and look forward to be a b i g hug in just a few weeks! Can you see if during Dec. 27 to Jan 3rd, we might be able to have some tea?

    Love you sister pie

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