The chorus I woke up hearing this morning is one of Misty’s

I want to waste my life to search you out, search you out.I don’t want to build castles in the sand.  I don’t want to live in a fairy tale

A benefit of being a nightwatcher currently on days is now other nightwatchers know someone on days to help in emergency situations 🙂 (I’ve got to keep looking at the bright side!)

I’ve heard that half of the Nightwatch is sick, the worship teams are stretched to have capable singers, it makes me want to switch back. One of my friends went to the e.r. the other night and found she had the flu, a sinus infection, and an inner-ear infection causing slight vertigo, and needed someone to take her to the doctor today, which is where I come in (da da da DA!). So I picked her up, drove her to a fabulous little area of KC called Waldo, and hung out there for the afternoon. During our visit to Waldo we stopped by a little bakery that’s been on Wornall for the last 63 years(right across from Waldo Pizza) and sampled some awesome cookies, then went to Waldo Pizza and split a small cheese, which was so good!

Familiarizing myself with these sort of fun little places while on days is part of my plan to pull out of the winter funk I’ve been for the last couple of months. I don’t enjoy myself being grumpy….anina says she doesn’t either, but that’s what sisters are for! Anyway, I do like these butter cookies. We have to go back on Friday and I think we’ll explore Brookside, get some good coffee at the Roasterie Cafe and maybe try the Italian Bistro next door……


Breathe in….and out…and in…

Christmas was fun though short. My family is amazingly generous and my parents bought me a Camera. 🙂 The One thing Conference came right behind Christmas and was amazing. I worked with the Children’s Equipping Center during the conference and we ministered to around 500 children from all over the U.S. teaching them about the heart of our Father, and having a real relationship with Jesus, we saw powerful transformations in some of their young hearts, and a few have stuck in my heart, I’ll be praying for them for a long time.

Onething brought a couple of dear friends, it was a such a blessing to see the faces of people who I love, who’s paths have taken them out of my life for this season. It’s a dangerous thing Frodo, walking out your front door…

And before I caught my breathe both Onething and the Call were over. It was January and 2008, and decisions had to be made. It seemed sudden, only because it happened suddenly but I’d been in prayer about it for over a month, but my sister and I switched back to a “normal schedule”. I haven’t been fully on days since before doing FITN in September of 2005, and my heart is in the night. I’ll be taking this spring to seek healing, and hopefully will be visiting a doctor before too long, my desire is to seek the Lord with strength in the Night, and want to do what is necessary for that to happen.

Right now I feel like I’m in limbo as I wait to get on a daytime worship team; I never realized what a big part singing was to my spiritual life. On a lighter note, Anina and I will be spending our mornings in the sunlight to actually experience KC 🙂

Our first goal: Museums. I have a feeling we could visit the Nelson Atkins 3-4 times before feeling like we’ve seen it all.

Goal #2: develop hobbies. 21 years old, fun, single, and we have no hobbies, I think this is extremely unhealthy. I plan on learning how to use this Cannon Rebel T2 that my parents gave me, and maybe learn to paint or something…..for sure will be spending more time strumming my beautiful beat up blue guitar, and playing with my flowers in the Spring.

(Sigh) Hello Mornings.