blinking red lights

For some reason I have a strong distaste for blinking red lights. I think it has something to do with memories of waking up, glancing at my alarm to see how much longer I can sleep, only to see the blinking red numbers and realize that the power has gone out and i’m late. Maybe it’s the irritation of having to wait for a slow moving train, while staring at the blinking red lights blocking my way. Personally I think it has something to do with the Staff Development Printer; it hasn’t really worked since the OneThing conference.

This has been a cause of much frustration over the last two months as we’ve constantly been out of forms, never knowing when the green light will sneakily begin to shine, or why once it does, it will suddenly stop mid-print and begin flashing red again. It’s been the topic of many an office meeting, and no matter how many ways’ I’ve suggested we videotape ourselves destroying it, the girls in the office have waited patiently for one of the IT guys to fix it. Today Kaitlyn informed me that one of the top IT workers, along with the HP specialist came in to check the printer again and declared “there was nothing they could do.” You can imagine the excited, evil grin that spread across my face. There’s a bit of a mischievous streak still in me apparently; visions of us with sledgehammers were dancing in my head.

Today, I tried all of the normal tricks to make it work, turning it off for several minutes, unplugging it for awhile, pressing the green button several times in a row(which sometimes tricks it into believing it’s actually fine), but to no avail. After two hours in the office I randomly looked up and…….no blinking. With baited breath I pulled up my January newsletter and pressed PRINT with a shaking finger. And it worked! Of course it stopped mid-print as I was printing my response cards, but I will get half of my January letters out tomorrow! Hurray!

I’ll try to print my February letter and have it out mid-march so that I can stay on track with my faithful readers 🙂

Health update. A deep affection has grown in my heart for my Korean Chiropractor. He’s licensed in Korea, and working on getting licensed in the states but for now will not receive payment for his services, which have literally done wonders for Anina and I. We’ve only been seeing him for 2 weeks, but I’ve experience such a drastic measure of pain relief that I think I’ll see him for the rest of my life! And to think that I put it off for so long….. I’ve had severe neck pain for the last few months (along with the migraines-possibly causing them) which has been almost eliminated with the adjustments, and have been fighting an internal infection for quite some time, which is beginning to go away with a new medication I’ve been on. Synopsis: I’m still fairly miserable, but SO much less miserable than last week! And am gazing excitedly ahead, hoping that the switch back to the Nightwatch will be sooner rather than later…..


A little longer by Brian and Jenn Johnson

What can I do for you? What can I bring to you?

What kind of song would you like me sing?

There’s all kinds of dance for you, I’ll pour out my love to you what can I do for you beautiful King?

 ‘Cause I can’t thank you enough. All of the words that I find, no matter how I try, I can’t thank you enough.

Then I hear you sing to me, you sing “You don’t have to do a thing, just simply be with me and let those things go,

cause they can wait another minute, wait this moment is to sweet,

could you please just stay and love on me a little longer, cause I’d like to be with you a little longer,

 I’d love to be with you a little longer, because I’m in love with you

“Adventure Jaimie, Adventure!”

 -Anyone remember the movie Fluffy Puppies?

I awoke naturally this morning, gently drifting into consciousness while pondering the oddities of my dream last night. The dreams the last few weeks have been SO odd, like weird little movies or stories running through my rest, and I’m beginning to wonder if God wants me to write novels….. more interesting has been the music when I awake. Usually there is a song, a chorus, or melody floating through my thoughts as I come out of sleep, but these last few days it’s been 2 -3 songs vying for position, flowing in and out of each other, I can’t help but wonder what it means.

Anyway, I lay there this morning reveling in the comfort of waking naturally, and suddenly wondered what time it was and why I’d woken early….yeah. I’d slept through my alarm. The spell was broken as I lept out of bed waking Anina and ran to get in the shower first 😉 We ended up only being 10 minutes late to pick up our friend and it was off to the art museum! Afterwards we ate a quick lunch at the Jerusalem Cafe, where I enjoyed as Anina said, “easily the best gyro I’ve ever eaten”. And darted back to the house of prayer for singer’s practice, and then to sing an intercession set – the theme – Mercy for our Nation.

The lights on the platform are like a traitor in the war. Singing unlocks my heart and is the outward overflow of my life in God, it lifts my spirit like nothing else, which is desperately needed in this season. But those lights! I get up there to sing and am under a constant barrage of pain for two hours, and usually am pretty much done for the day afterwards. I’m pushing to see how long this can continue.

nappingLater I went home, lit candles all over the living room, turned on Gregg Stone’s ‘Everlasting’ cd, and took a nap. I woke up to kita nosing his way into my cozy corner of the couch. It was a pleasant surprise, he’s such an energetic, feisty, biting sort of fellow, but curled up and slept with me for awhile – a sweet kiss from my Father.

Day after the GBF

all goneAnina and I woke and ventured to a small diner where I enjoyed the first maltMh MH Malt!I’ve had in years! Afterwards I spent some time in the prayer room meditating on John 1.14 I love the awe that is found in this chapter, but lately have been moved by a different revelation while reading. I’ve never considered just how ‘wrong’ the entire situation is. For the Creator, the Son of God to come and become like the Created, to subject Himself to the human process, to be born (forgetting the circumstances – just to be born at all!), to submit Himself to the opinions and prejudice of man, and then to be murdered like a criminal – the thoughts overwhelm me. Everything about it is offensive, my mind and heart struggle to comprehend, and even in that I feel the draw, the pull deeper into His heart and my soul whispers, “this is why I love Him” because it made no sense, because He didn’t have to, because I’m undeserving.

Later J and I drove downtown to the best place in KC for latte’s – my first caffeine after the fast 🙂

 No disrespect Dennis – But I do LOVE my broadwaybrother vanilla latte - broadway style good

The migraine today was a dull roar – merely a bad headache. I’ve started an antibiotic after discovering I had a sinus infection which actually isn’t bad news; this might be the cause of the current season of migraines. I’m praying for continued relief, and total healing.

Awe inspiring thunder

was what I awoke to this morning. It scared me stiff.

I lay there listening to the rumbles as my house, bed, little universe trembled under the mighty power and thought about the voice of my Father. Terrifying & Beautiful, all at the same time, that is who You are God.

Today is day two of the Global Bridegroom Fast, author of the book The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun came and spoke today stirring the hearts of the intercessors and family here at IHOP, I was grateful for the fresh wind to blow across the embers of my heart. Anina and I have been reading a book called The Natasha’s about the growing sex trade & trafficking of young women across the earth. A sobering read.  Mom and I were talking about it and she asked how we can read things like that and carry that burden and emotion; my heart was stirred within me, “We pray! I’m not overwhelmed with this information, I can hardly comprehend this information, it’s so far removed from my life, but I set my heart before the Lord and ask for understanding and the emotions of His heart, and we intercede on their behalf! What I want to know is, what does this man(the author) do? If he is not a believer, how does he get up each morning, because without Jesus there is no justice for these women and children, and no hope for them. We do what we do and we study and dig deep because we know He is coming back with a sword in His hand, with Justice and Judgement and His name is Faithful and True!”

I often find that the best reminders of the things I know, end up coming out of my mouth at the time that I need to hear them the most.  Jesus You are beautiful in Holiness, Fearful in splendor.