Awe inspiring thunder

was what I awoke to this morning. It scared me stiff.

I lay there listening to the rumbles as my house, bed, little universe trembled under the mighty power and thought about the voice of my Father. Terrifying & Beautiful, all at the same time, that is who You are God.

Today is day two of the Global Bridegroom Fast, author of the book The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun came and spoke today stirring the hearts of the intercessors and family here at IHOP, I was grateful for the fresh wind to blow across the embers of my heart. Anina and I have been reading a book called The Natasha’s about the growing sex trade & trafficking of young women across the earth. A sobering read.  Mom and I were talking about it and she asked how we can read things like that and carry that burden and emotion; my heart was stirred within me, “We pray! I’m not overwhelmed with this information, I can hardly comprehend this information, it’s so far removed from my life, but I set my heart before the Lord and ask for understanding and the emotions of His heart, and we intercede on their behalf! What I want to know is, what does this man(the author) do? If he is not a believer, how does he get up each morning, because without Jesus there is no justice for these women and children, and no hope for them. We do what we do and we study and dig deep because we know He is coming back with a sword in His hand, with Justice and Judgement and His name is Faithful and True!”

I often find that the best reminders of the things I know, end up coming out of my mouth at the time that I need to hear them the most.  Jesus You are beautiful in Holiness, Fearful in splendor.


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