Day after the GBF

all goneAnina and I woke and ventured to a small diner where I enjoyed the first maltMh MH Malt!I’ve had in years! Afterwards I spent some time in the prayer room meditating on John 1.14 I love the awe that is found in this chapter, but lately have been moved by a different revelation while reading. I’ve never considered just how ‘wrong’ the entire situation is. For the Creator, the Son of God to come and become like the Created, to subject Himself to the human process, to be born (forgetting the circumstances – just to be born at all!), to submit Himself to the opinions and prejudice of man, and then to be murdered like a criminal – the thoughts overwhelm me. Everything about it is offensive, my mind and heart struggle to comprehend, and even in that I feel the draw, the pull deeper into His heart and my soul whispers, “this is why I love Him” because it made no sense, because He didn’t have to, because I’m undeserving.

Later J and I drove downtown to the best place in KC for latte’s – my first caffeine after the fast 🙂

 No disrespect Dennis – But I do LOVE my broadwaybrother vanilla latte - broadway style good

The migraine today was a dull roar – merely a bad headache. I’ve started an antibiotic after discovering I had a sinus infection which actually isn’t bad news; this might be the cause of the current season of migraines. I’m praying for continued relief, and total healing.


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