“Adventure Jaimie, Adventure!”

 -Anyone remember the movie Fluffy Puppies?

I awoke naturally this morning, gently drifting into consciousness while pondering the oddities of my dream last night. The dreams the last few weeks have been SO odd, like weird little movies or stories running through my rest, and I’m beginning to wonder if God wants me to write novels….. more interesting has been the music when I awake. Usually there is a song, a chorus, or melody floating through my thoughts as I come out of sleep, but these last few days it’s been 2 -3 songs vying for position, flowing in and out of each other, I can’t help but wonder what it means.

Anyway, I lay there this morning reveling in the comfort of waking naturally, and suddenly wondered what time it was and why I’d woken early….yeah. I’d slept through my alarm. The spell was broken as I lept out of bed waking Anina and ran to get in the shower first 😉 We ended up only being 10 minutes late to pick up our friend and it was off to the art museum! Afterwards we ate a quick lunch at the Jerusalem Cafe, where I enjoyed as Anina said, “easily the best gyro I’ve ever eaten”. And darted back to the house of prayer for singer’s practice, and then to sing an intercession set – the theme – Mercy for our Nation.

The lights on the platform are like a traitor in the war. Singing unlocks my heart and is the outward overflow of my life in God, it lifts my spirit like nothing else, which is desperately needed in this season. But those lights! I get up there to sing and am under a constant barrage of pain for two hours, and usually am pretty much done for the day afterwards. I’m pushing to see how long this can continue.

nappingLater I went home, lit candles all over the living room, turned on Gregg Stone’s ‘Everlasting’ cd, and took a nap. I woke up to kita nosing his way into my cozy corner of the couch. It was a pleasant surprise, he’s such an energetic, feisty, biting sort of fellow, but curled up and slept with me for awhile – a sweet kiss from my Father.


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