Hunger strikes developing nations

Citizens in the West, China and India must realize that the meat on their plate and biofuels in their expensive cars carry a cost for those in the developing world, Evans said

Living in a community so focused on prayer, fighting to live a lifestyle of regular fasting, extravagant giving to the poor, and the giving up of worthless things. I read the news, not extremely regularly but try to keep an open eye on the things happening in the world as we see the beginning of the birth pangs that Jesus speaks of in Matthew 24. I was actually just reading that passage before reading this article, and my heart squeezes “God there must be something that can be done”.

Of course there are people fighting to stop world hunger, people out serving among the poor and the dying, and here I am in Missouri. Sometimes I yearn to be out among them, to serve them with my hands, and ever so gently He reminds that I AM serving the poor, hungry, dying and abandoned, as I sit in this room petitioning the courts of heaven for the return of the Savior of the World.

Jesus, we have nothing unless You come.


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