After a Looooong week away for KC

Today some comrades with TheCall came into town, tomorrow they will be ministering at Victory Fellowship in Council Bluffs IA. I am blessed to have them here and am anticipating something good for the service tomorrow. Afterwards is lunch with the family, then back to KC……that is if my clutch stops slipping and my papa lets me drive the car….Lord fix my car.

I once had a hunter green, pontiac bonneville. That’s not true. I twice had hunter green, pontiac bonnevilles. When the first one died my papa got me another with a salvage title, the 2nd was better than the first; leater interior, sunroof, electric everything, and golden hub caps…ouw ouw! Anyway, about the first……it began to die in a rather weird way. As I would be driving it would begin to sputter and shake, making the oddest noises and jerking in the most terrible way. I told my papa about it a couple of times but of course, it never acted up when HE drove it. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe me, just that he didn’t know what to do or what was wrong since it was perfectly fine when he would drive it. For roughly 6 months I drove it like this. Crazy, but it get’s worse. Our house was at least a half an hour drive from the city, 45 minutes from anywhere important. Part of that drive was in the hills and there was no cell phone reception. Those 6 months I learned to pray without ceasing.

While on a missions trip out of the country my brother nate had to drive my car; he made it a block before coming home and declaring it was never to leave the driveway so my dad took it for a spin and FINALLY it acted up. My mom said he cried.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I don’t mind interceding for my car as I drive. Let’s pray I make it KC tomorrow shall we?

This was an extremely encouraging trip in SO many ways. Every meeting was sovereign, with the Helper stirring within me and leading me in how to speak, but for my own heart, thursday night with the LeColst, and the Colliers was the most beneficial. Tonight we all had dinner and a time of prayer at Pastor Lonnies, andit was a sweet time with the Lord.

Monday Life begins again! Full speed ahead with our eyes set on August 16th and theCall……come and have Your way o Lord, do what only You can do, have mercy on America.


“Isn’t He wonderful isn’t He holy?

He is the one I love isn’t He lovely ” – the waking song for today

Another day of meetings today – every sing one has been great! I have been encouraged and used to encourage in each meeting. My heart is so thankful for the Spirit of God living in me, for the way He speaks and moves among us- it’s so good! This church of this region is going through so much transition, but the hearts that I keep encountering are saying the same thing; they are willing to trust Him, & want Him to come. That is the only response.

All day long we talked about the rains coming, the movement of God that is just on the horizon. Tonight while meeting with the Colliers it began to massively storm. I just laughed. Yes, come like You promised, come to America again – fire, rain, wind and wine – we just want You to come

Lakeland Outpouring

Signing online today I was impressed to get on msn.comand read the news. Not so strangely an article caught my eye tittled “Revivlalist Claims Hundred’s of Healings”

It was a good article from a non-believing standpoint, but giving an unbiased report of what is being said. You can check it out at

After the article is a string of people’s comments ranging in disbelief, criticism, agnosticism, to hardy applause. One them I just had to share:

I laugh at the way God seems to be using a tatooed “weirdo” to bring healing to so many. Too long we have had “nice” looking preachers, but with not much happening in the miracle department (only with a few exceptions). I would rather have healing over hairdo’s, hope rather than hype. If the critics can show me their empty wheelchairs, x-rays and doctor’s reports of verified healings, then I will listen to what they have to say. Until then, give me that Harley riding, tatooed t-shirt and shorts wearing Canadian weirdo.

Dale Perry Oakhurst, Ca.

The people are hungry for a move of God on the earth, in America. Even so Lord come!

Omaha trip – May 2008

Thus far this trip has been great 🙂 I am getting little sleep but this is nothing knew to my trips to the old stomping ground, or to the rest of my life for that matter!

Sunday morning I was able to visit at Victory Fellowship, I was encouraged by the expectant atmosphere of the body there, they have set their hearts on seeing the Lord move among them. It’s a beautiful thing. That afternoon I attended an outdoor wedding for an old family friend and was glad to go and witness their covenant before the Lord and pray over their union. That night was accompanied with a migraine, but one of the smaller ones, Hallelujah! We watched the service of the Lakeland Outpouring and our hearts were stirred while outside of the safe walls of our home, a MAD storm raged, the skies turned a sickly yellow, and we were a bit concerned about a tornado, but the Lord kept us safe. The migraine prevented me from traveling into the city to say goodbye to a dear friend on the eve of her return to Hong Kong. It’s ok, goodbye’s aren’t necessary with real friends. Bless you Soph, I love you!

Monday I had to make a quick trip back to KC, sang the 8 pm set, went for a walk in the rain, woke up early on Tuesday for a staff meeting with TheCall, and in the afternoon drove back to Omaha. Needless to say my mom and I have done quite a bit of catching up in our long hours on the road this week!!!

Tuesday night I visited a college group in Omaha called The Underground. There was a sweet presence of the Lord in the worship, a small but genuine group. And the worship was led by an old friend which was a fun surprise! I will be meeting with the pastor’s of this group before leaving town and am looking forward to hearing their hearts and how I can partner with them in prayer.

Afterward, Carole and Andrew, two good friends from High School, and I went to a favorite old coffee shop; Caffine Dreams. Back in the day this place was awesome. Tuesday night it was not so good, for the rest of the trip I’ll have to request coffee at 13th street coffee shop – there’s no comparison in the city! We stayed out much to late, laughing and catching up, talking about God and what He is doing in our lives and when they closed we moved to the car. Two of us had quite the long drive home afterwards, but it was a good time for me to process the day with my Father, and talk with Him about the next.

Wednesday: I was able to meet with the head pastor of a large assemblies of God church that I had attended for several years. We had a great time, catching up and hearing his heart. The Holy Spirit was among us, and confirmed somethings in the Pastor’s heart as we spoke, encouraging him in a good way! We prayed together and I talked with Him about theCall DC.

Then it was out to good ole Council Bluffs to hang out with the Rabucks! A couple of them anyway, i have so many adopted family members, and this family is so special to me. Tay took some pictures of me to use in newsletters and we had a blast. Dinner was spent with a couple who have supported me over the last year – I’m always thankful to meet and talk with them. Usually they bring 2 girls from their church when we meet, and i’ve grown to like them quite abit. Over dinner we spoke about what the Lord is doing in the City, both of them work with youth, and they asked me about what I felt the Lord was speaking about the youth of this nation. We began to talk about the Outpouring in Lakeland, and I could feel my faith, and hunger building. The husband looked at me suddenly and asked if I had been praying for his back. I was reminded of a time in prayer about a month ago, when I was impressed to pray for his back to be healed and for him to have freedom from pain- i’d not mentioned it to anyone, it was a regular prayer time – but he said “My back quit has stopped hurting and I’m not having any problems with it and I figured you’d been praying!” Praise the Lord – He is SO faithful!

After dinner I went outside with the 2 girls, and we began to pray for healing for the one. She is in need of a creative miracle in both of her knees, and even as we had sat at dinner had said that the pain was significant. The three of us sat on a bench in the cold (!) and began to pray. My hand was on one of her knees and I began to feel heat rising, just in that hand, and a spirit of Prophecy began to stir as the 2 of us praying received words about inner healing that she was also in need of. When we were done I could feel a lightness about her spirit and her knees were no longer hurting! Amen! Lord release total healing in Laura, and release healing through her as well God!

Please pray for divine meetings during the rest of this trip, for blessing on my support meetings, and blessing as I meet with different pastor’s about TheCall DC.


It’s official, I am now officially on staff with theCall, for more information visit My job is pretty hidden, I am the administrative assistant for the woman over mobilizing theCall DC on August 16, and theCall San Diego, who’s date I still don’t know 😉

This has been in the works for a little while now and I am really excited about working for this ministry. TheCall is a sister-ministry to IHOP and counts as my service hours, so I am still a full-time intercessory missionary, still singing on a worship team, and still working with the Samuel Company. The change is that next week is my last week working for the Staff Development Office at IHOP. I’ve been in the SDO for roughly a year and a half and this is quite the switch over but I am excited for where the Lord is leading me.

The other bonus about working with theCall is that Katrina works for the same office, roughly the same hours. What a blessing to be working in the same office in the ministry with my sister again! I love the leadership of our God! I’ll be updating with more information regarding theCall, and the Call DC soon!