It’s official, I am now officially on staff with theCall, for more information visit My job is pretty hidden, I am the administrative assistant for the woman over mobilizing theCall DC on August 16, and theCall San Diego, who’s date I still don’t know 😉

This has been in the works for a little while now and I am really excited about working for this ministry. TheCall is a sister-ministry to IHOP and counts as my service hours, so I am still a full-time intercessory missionary, still singing on a worship team, and still working with the Samuel Company. The change is that next week is my last week working for the Staff Development Office at IHOP. I’ve been in the SDO for roughly a year and a half and this is quite the switch over but I am excited for where the Lord is leading me.

The other bonus about working with theCall is that Katrina works for the same office, roughly the same hours. What a blessing to be working in the same office in the ministry with my sister again! I love the leadership of our God! I’ll be updating with more information regarding theCall, and the Call DC soon!


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