Lakeland Outpouring

Signing online today I was impressed to get on msn.comand read the news. Not so strangely an article caught my eye tittled “Revivlalist Claims Hundred’s of Healings”

It was a good article from a non-believing standpoint, but giving an unbiased report of what is being said. You can check it out at

After the article is a string of people’s comments ranging in disbelief, criticism, agnosticism, to hardy applause. One them I just had to share:

I laugh at the way God seems to be using a tatooed “weirdo” to bring healing to so many. Too long we have had “nice” looking preachers, but with not much happening in the miracle department (only with a few exceptions). I would rather have healing over hairdo’s, hope rather than hype. If the critics can show me their empty wheelchairs, x-rays and doctor’s reports of verified healings, then I will listen to what they have to say. Until then, give me that Harley riding, tatooed t-shirt and shorts wearing Canadian weirdo.

Dale Perry Oakhurst, Ca.

The people are hungry for a move of God on the earth, in America. Even so Lord come!


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