After a Looooong week away for KC

Today some comrades with TheCall came into town, tomorrow they will be ministering at Victory Fellowship in Council Bluffs IA. I am blessed to have them here and am anticipating something good for the service tomorrow. Afterwards is lunch with the family, then back to KC……that is if my clutch stops slipping and my papa lets me drive the car….Lord fix my car.

I once had a hunter green, pontiac bonneville. That’s not true. I twice had hunter green, pontiac bonnevilles. When the first one died my papa got me another with a salvage title, the 2nd was better than the first; leater interior, sunroof, electric everything, and golden hub caps…ouw ouw! Anyway, about the first……it began to die in a rather weird way. As I would be driving it would begin to sputter and shake, making the oddest noises and jerking in the most terrible way. I told my papa about it a couple of times but of course, it never acted up when HE drove it. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe me, just that he didn’t know what to do or what was wrong since it was perfectly fine when he would drive it. For roughly 6 months I drove it like this. Crazy, but it get’s worse. Our house was at least a half an hour drive from the city, 45 minutes from anywhere important. Part of that drive was in the hills and there was no cell phone reception. Those 6 months I learned to pray without ceasing.

While on a missions trip out of the country my brother nate had to drive my car; he made it a block before coming home and declaring it was never to leave the driveway so my dad took it for a spin and FINALLY it acted up. My mom said he cried.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I don’t mind interceding for my car as I drive. Let’s pray I make it KC tomorrow shall we?

This was an extremely encouraging trip in SO many ways. Every meeting was sovereign, with the Helper stirring within me and leading me in how to speak, but for my own heart, thursday night with the LeColst, and the Colliers was the most beneficial. Tonight we all had dinner and a time of prayer at Pastor Lonnies, andit was a sweet time with the Lord.

Monday Life begins again! Full speed ahead with our eyes set on August 16th and theCall……come and have Your way o Lord, do what only You can do, have mercy on America.


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