40 Day Fast

Ah it’s that time of year again….fasting time?

The IHOP family is going on a corporate 40 day fast crying out “Show me Your Glory”, knowing that fasting doesn’t change God, it quiets us enough to hear Him. In the last couple of years I’ve gained an appreciation for the effects of fasting in my soul, the tenderness in my heart when I come before God, and the increase in revelation, but even pondering the things I’ve come to love doesn’t get me excited for a 40 day fast, no that has to be God! And yet I am full of anticipation.

Changes changes and more changes, the theme of my year apparently. Here it is the first day of the fast; last night was my last set with the worship team I’ve sang on since February and oh how I love them! I am going to try the morning section, possibly joining the prayer team led by a friend and former night watch leader at 6am. That’s right folks! I’ve come completely full circle, and will have the joy of saluting my beloved nightwatch family as they end their shift in the prayer room, picking up the baton and running for the next 6 hours! 6am’s should give me the opportunity to set my face toward the Lord in a special way, and I’m actually excited by the challenge that the disciplined schedule will provide for me. Most of you know I have a tendency to not sleep…..

As for the NightWatch. (sigh). I know that I am working with TheCall through November 1st, making a transition back onto the NW an impossibility, all I can do now is shrug my shoulders and put my trust in God, I’m convinced He knows what He’s doing with me; things go alot better when I let Him stay in control.


windows by Lou Engle

last night i began to sing about doors and windows standing open in heaven, that even the weakest ones can enter in…..today while doing some researched to return phone calls I ran across something interesting in the store on Lou’s website.

Apparently Lou has a 2 cd series titled, Windows. It’s about encountering God.

“Our search for God and His search for us meet at windows – these are the windows of the soul.” (Ken Gire) Inspired by the book Windows of the Soul by Ken Gire, God has led me into a devotional adventure that has thrilled me like none other. An adventure to see God and hear His voice in dreams, in art, in tears, in stories, in movies, and in nature has caused this soul to long for and find the one who has longed for me. Take this devotional journey with me and watch spiritual boredom fly away . . . Lou Engle

i’m glad monday is payday….

more changes, soon to come

this morning Julie Meyer was leading a  set at the house of prayer, and began to prophecy about the Spirit of God coming even this weekend, singing about the rain and the wind of the Spirit of God, “for the natural is just a mirror of the spiritual”. So what does it mean that tonight hurricane force winds swept through Omaha NE? Papa called me as he was driving home, saying with disbelief that it looked as though the sky had rained trees, they were lying uprooted, torn down, strewn everywhere, with piles of hail so large one would think it was January, not the end of June.

And what does it mean that the sky over kansas city split open tonight with a torrential downpour as though a dump truck the size of the state suddenly toppled over us. The worship team that I sing on was singing at the time, though the back window i could see lightning so bright, so often it was as though a fireworks display was going on in the parking lot, and something gripped my soul, i felt the words pouring from my gut, the voice didn’t even sound like me.

But there is a door standing open in the heavens, and the God of glory is not too far off, and it is not too difficult to lay hold of Him; He has opened a door and even the weak ones, those who say they don’t even know their God, even they can lay hold of Him. For our eyes were made to see true beauty, and our ears were made to hear His voice, and our hearts were made to know, and to Love Him with all of our emotions, all of our affections, and all of our devotion.

49 Days…

to TheCall DC; if one million people come as we are praying, this would be the largest prayer meeting to ever happen in the United States. How in the world did You get me here Lord?

Listening to phone messages, answer emails, calling people and walking them through simple registration questions, all the while fighting to keep the question before me, “Can a nation be changed in one day?”

Yes Lord. Give boldness and strength and gather Your people.

Last night Lou Engle spoke to Youth Conference, Fascinate 08. The entire auditorium was packed with hardly room to stand as he called with clarity and boldness for the youth of this nation to turn to the Lord with all of their hearts, and with fasting, weeping and mourning. Let the seeds be sown deep in their souls o Lord, let everyone who heard be forever marked.

We’re trying to get the video of the message, hopefully I’ll post it soon.

What is TheCall?

For those of you who are wondering where I am spending my busy hours these days, here’s the scoop, taken straight from http://www.TheCall.com:

About TheCall

TheCall is a divinely initiated, multi-racial, multi-generational, and cross-denominational gathering to corporate prayer and fasting. We believe that our nation is in desperate need of the mercy of God and a great Spiritual Awakening.  TheCall is committed to mobilizing people from all across America to gather together to petition God for His undeserved mercy for our nation in 12-hour solemn assemblies. Just as in the days of Joel, we believe that now is the time to blow the trumpet across our land, to fast, to pray, and return to the Lord with all our hearts.

In the midst of an “entertainment” driven society, TheCall does not seek to entertain, but to encounter God. Unlike other mass gatherings which attract people through the rhythms of loud music, the glamour of flashing lights, or through the appeal of charismatic personalities, TheCall is a gathering centered around the affections of a loving God. There will be no advertised bands and no promoted speakers, as our purpose is not to promote any man or ministry.

TheCall is a FAST not a festival. TheCall is a SOLEMN ASSEMBLY not a conference. Whereas conferences focus primarily on training and discipleship, the 12 hours of TheCall are spent primarily before the Lord in the place of prayer and worship. We believe the hour is late and the times are urgent. Our nation is in desperate need of revival and it will be only through the corporate body of Christ uniting in the place of prayer that we will find any hope in this hour. We believe we can see our nation changed as the Lord pours out His Spirit and brings refreshing to the broken, destitute, and the weary across our land.

History of TheCall

In 1997 our nation witnessed one of the largest Christian gatherings in American history. The Promise Keepers, a ministry specifically focused on igniting men with a passion for Jesus, gathered a million men on the National Mall in Washington DC to call men across our nation to a lifestyle of purity and godliness.  A man named Lou Engle was deeply impacted by this highly profound event and burdened with a God-given dream.  The vision was to raise up a corresponding youth movement to cry out to God for a revival to sweep across America. .

Two years after the inception of this dream, a woman approached Lou Engle and asked if he had ever considered putting young people on the Mall like the Promise Keepers did in 1997. Taken back and amazed, Lou replied that two years prior he had been burdened with a dream to see the youth of our nation gathering at the National Mall.  He confessed he actually prophesied this coming gathering would be a sign from God that there was still hope for our nation. The woman promptly wrote a check for $100,000, setting into action a whole chain of supernatural events that would eventually result in the TheCall DC on September 2nd, 2000. God’s blessing was clearly manifest throughout the day as the presence of the Holy Spirit infused the prayer, worship and intermittent words of encouragement from our nations spiritual leaders. The result of one man’s obedience to the God-given dream was an attendance of over 400,000 young people.

After this TheCall DC in September 2000, TheCall was exported across the nation to twelve different locations, each one gathering thousands of people hungry for a movement of God. Rather than promoting man’s good ideas, these massive gatherings were spent in corporate fasting, prayer, and worshiping before God. Specific regional issues were confronted in each gathering in the place of prayer. In each Call, issues such as racism, sexual immorality and abortion were brought into light and repented for corporately by the body of Christ. In New York, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, and Kansas City, a movement of prayer and fasting has filled stadiums with the sounds of worship and the incense of prayer. This divinely-initiated movement of repentance has extended beyond the narrow borders of America as TheCall has traveled to Australia, Germany, the Philippines, Norway, England and Israel.

Today TheCall is marching across our land to Washington D.C. to come together for a historic gathering on August 16, 2008. We believe that our nation is in a critical hour and in desperate need of revival. While our society’s moral compass continues to erode the faith of our nation is becoming increasingly secularized. The world in its rebellion violently pursues the fulfillment of all fleshly desires, yet the church has fallen prey to many of the same sins that plague our society. Even within the church truth has been substituted for spiritual relativism and religious tolerance. Sexual immorality, racism, and abortion are just as prevalent from our pews and pulpits as they are in our secular universities. We are in an hour of crisis, an hour when we have to confront our own spiritual barrenness as the church and in the place of prayer cry out to God for mercy on our nation and revival in our land. Our hope in this hour is in God and God alone. On August 16, 2008 we are calling for 1,000,000 people to again gather together in the National Mall to fast and to pray for God to pour out His undeserved mercy on our land.

June 26, 2008

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. August 16th is looming larger and larger before us as we work hard to see TheCall DC come together and pray the Lord’s mercy over our efforts. Written in big letters on the dry erase board in our meeting room rest the words “Unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain”. Build the house o Lord!

Working in TheCall house doing my time in the Prayer Room, singing on a worship team, landscaping around my house, and finding time to eat, sleep and shower has been an interesting swirl but I continue to fight for God’s will in my schedule and responsibilities. 2008 started with our switch off of the Night watch, the schedule and life I had lived for 2 years and the changes haven’t stopped; looking at the closing of June I can’t help but shudder at the thought of the rest of the year continuing at this pace.

Today I woke early to go to the office. Walking in the building a blinking “117 new messages” greeted me cheerily from the phone and I sighed. The morning progressed with my grumpiness which is odd! Grumpy days are rare but this was proving to be a bad one and I finally collapsed in my desk, which happens to be an old gold coloured chair in the corner of the office i confessed my emotions to Michelle my boss. Working as Michelle’s assistant has been a joy! Her heart is rooted in the love of Christ and though she understands the magnitude of the task before us she is always first concerned about our hearts and willing to give us time to talk.  Today she gently, but firmly, suggested I take a walk.

“Go outside, just for 20 minutes and eat lunch. You’ll feel better”

After a little prompting I agreed and found myself in a moment at the old meeting place, Shiloh. Walking down the gravel drive to the lake I was reminded of SO many mornings after leaving the prayer room when I would wait for the sun to rise and go spend an hour in the stillness. Today was beautiful; 2 ducks on the lake, a gentle breeze blowing through the cattails and whistling through the grass as the wildflowers bobbed to the tune of the birds singing in the trees. Nestling down on a log I absorbed the sunshine. Within minutes peace began to wash over me and soak into my soul, deep inside I’m still a country girl, and the place where I find Him the best is in the purity of His creation.

My rest was disturbed by the sound of something approaching, quite loudly. Suddenly, leaping over the tall grass and nearly flying straight into my log was a tiny faun. Maybe a foot and a half tall it stopped still shocked to find me in it’s playground and blinked his huge dark eyes before turning and bounding away.

Surely You are beautiful my Lord.

I see You there hanging on a tree, You bled and then You died and then You rose again for me. Now You are sitting on Your hevenly throne, and soon You will be coming home: Youre Beautiful.

-Phil Whickham