more changes, soon to come

this morning Julie Meyer was leading a  set at the house of prayer, and began to prophecy about the Spirit of God coming even this weekend, singing about the rain and the wind of the Spirit of God, “for the natural is just a mirror of the spiritual”. So what does it mean that tonight hurricane force winds swept through Omaha NE? Papa called me as he was driving home, saying with disbelief that it looked as though the sky had rained trees, they were lying uprooted, torn down, strewn everywhere, with piles of hail so large one would think it was January, not the end of June.

And what does it mean that the sky over kansas city split open tonight with a torrential downpour as though a dump truck the size of the state suddenly toppled over us. The worship team that I sing on was singing at the time, though the back window i could see lightning so bright, so often it was as though a fireworks display was going on in the parking lot, and something gripped my soul, i felt the words pouring from my gut, the voice didn’t even sound like me.

But there is a door standing open in the heavens, and the God of glory is not too far off, and it is not too difficult to lay hold of Him; He has opened a door and even the weak ones, those who say they don’t even know their God, even they can lay hold of Him. For our eyes were made to see true beauty, and our ears were made to hear His voice, and our hearts were made to know, and to Love Him with all of our emotions, all of our affections, and all of our devotion.


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