40 Day Fast

Ah it’s that time of year again….fasting time?

The IHOP family is going on a corporate 40 day fast crying out “Show me Your Glory”, knowing that fasting doesn’t change God, it quiets us enough to hear Him. In the last couple of years I’ve gained an appreciation for the effects of fasting in my soul, the tenderness in my heart when I come before God, and the increase in revelation, but even pondering the things I’ve come to love doesn’t get me excited for a 40 day fast, no that has to be God! And yet I am full of anticipation.

Changes changes and more changes, the theme of my year apparently. Here it is the first day of the fast; last night was my last set with the worship team I’ve sang on since February and oh how I love them! I am going to try the morning section, possibly joining the prayer team led by a friend and former night watch leader at 6am. That’s right folks! I’ve come completely full circle, and will have the joy of saluting my beloved nightwatch family as they end their shift in the prayer room, picking up the baton and running for the next 6 hours! 6am’s should give me the opportunity to set my face toward the Lord in a special way, and I’m actually excited by the challenge that the disciplined schedule will provide for me. Most of you know I have a tendency to not sleep…..

As for the NightWatch. (sigh). I know that I am working with TheCall through November 1st, making a transition back onto the NW an impossibility, all I can do now is shrug my shoulders and put my trust in God, I’m convinced He knows what He’s doing with me; things go alot better when I let Him stay in control.


One thought on “40 Day Fast

  1. Hey friend! I didn’t realize you had a blog! We miss you lots in the night but perhaps we’ll see you during the nightwatch/6am transition times! I continue to pray for you friend! Love ya!

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