My Desk

Yes folks that’s right, in our enormous office house there is still not space enough for us all, therefore awhile back i brought in this old chair which was purchased at an antique store for $5 – quite the deal. Though in all honesty I should say that many days I highjack Janae’s desk (to the left of the chair) and sit there instead 😉



So, Tuesday the 22nd was my 22nd Birthday 🙂

Thanks to everyone who made me feel loved all day long: the office crew for the card and singing, Katrina for the MASSIVE bouquet of flowers and the funny cards, and for telling me Happy Birthday a few hundred times through out the day, thank you skim for such a thoughtful gift, your friendship is a blessing! Thank you to my wonderful boss Michelle for the pedicure, QUITE the new experience for me 😉 and to Alison for spending the evening with me – you are a treasure. AND to my friend Nicholas for the 22 different birthday text’s – you might be the most creative person I know bro! And for all of the text messages, phone cards, and facebook’s – thank you! On top of it all my brother Jeremy paid for me to go get my hair done and i’m lovin having color back again, I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long with out it 🙂

Being that this date fell in the middle of an extended fast, that was the extent of the celebration, but you better believe I’ll be eating chocolate cake in DC!!

22 Day’s till theCall DC, gather your people Lord to fast and pray, we believe that You are full of Mercy, we believe there is hope for America

Invitation from theCall email

Join Lou Engle for a Live Conference Call on July 24th – Information Below

As the persistent, lazy heat and the commotion of summer marches on, our nation finds itself in the midst of a great spiritual battle. Rarely seen in the media and not frequently seen by the eye of flesh, deep below the surface a battle wages over the destiny of our nation. As you read this, ungodly and immoral legislation giving license to homosexual marriage literally rests in the hands of a few judges in the Supreme Court of California. Daily the unborn of our nation are being sacrificed to the “God of convenience.” Currently our nation stands in the midst of a whirlwind of confusion over what issues are political and which ones are moral. Truly our nation stands at a pivotal threshold—the hour in which we stand is urgent.
As waves of darkness break against our shores, a concurrent move of the Holy Spirit today is breaking forth from the heart of America. Men and women of different races and backgrounds are joining together to cry out in the place of prayer and fasting for an inbreaking of God’s mercy in our nation. In grassroots prayer meetings across America, the Holy Spirit is falling on hungry hearts, igniting wholehearted love for God and releasing the groans of Spirit-infused intercession. God is not through with America.
In less than one month men and women, young and old, from across the nation will gather together on the Mall in Washington, DC to cry out to our merciful God for another great spiritual awakening in our nation. Coming from the most obscure parts of our country, busloads of people will be flocking to our nation’s capital and for a prayer meeting! People are booking entire airplanes—not to attend a great sporting event or to see a celebrity rock star—but to join the body of Christ in a corporate bowing of the heart in repentance. Truly, God is doing something in this hour that is beyond our good ideas or ministry plans.

Today, even as you read this, across the nation local radio stations, nationally known news agencies and respected newspapers are filled with a new sound. Piercing through the political jargon of talking heads, God has miraculously opened up massive doors in the media for TheCall to trumpet this new sound in interviews with Fox News, the 700 Club, The Christian Post and the Washington Times.

We encourage you to stay connected in a practical level with the movement that God is miraculously raising up. You can do this by:
  • Joining a live conference call with Lou Engle and Steven Strang on Thursday, July 24 at 8 p.m eastern time. To get instructions for joining the conference call by phone or live audio web-stream, sign up at
  • Register for TheCall DC online at (this helps us logistically)
  • Continue to spread the word. Forward this email to 10 of your friends.

37 Days to TheCall DC

The last two mornings i’ve woken up in significant pain. If the pain comes through the day it’s easier to manage/handle/cope with, but waking up to it is difficult. This morning I felt the holy spirit nudging me to get up anyway, even though I wanted to fall back asleep to make the headache go away I could not. It was as though someone got behind me and pushed me up and once I found myself sitting I thanked the Lord for the day and asked for Grace as I sleepily climbed from bed.

And I’m glad that He woke me! After a great time of prayer and a good conversation with my papa, kat and I headed to the office: 37 days to TheCall DC and sometimes the pressure makes me feel that we havent even begun the work. After a meeting the other day with Michelle (i’m her assistant) and Phil, (our logistics guy for DC) about lining up, scheduling and managing all of the volunteer’s needed for the Pastor’s & Leaders Conference, the Forerunner Youth Conference and the Children’s Equipping Conference the 2 days before TheCall, and for the actual day of TheCall – my head was more than just spinning. I had not yet considered the details of actually putting on a free event for around 500,000 people,while still praying for One Million, and left crying out for grace from God and Divine Wisdom.

Today I felt some of that Grace; a little bit more strength and vigor to press on and give my all. Today I also found that through a series of events, and a simple phone call that was made, the Lord may have used me as an unknowing instrument to connect us to a donor who is willing to give 100,000 Dollars!! What an incredible blessing!! We continue to pray for the 1.2 Million dollars needed to put on TheCallDC, but the story behind the connection with this donor is absolutely supernatural: thank you Lord!

We will press on and not be discouraged, we will pray for the Lord to build this house, that we would not labor in vain!!

Day 9

Today is the ninth day of our 40 day fast and already I’ve noted one big thing; I have never been so ravenously hungry in a fast before! Literally it’s been so dramatically different than any other fast I’ve ever done, and several people have said the same thing. This morning while listening to a teaching I  found the possible answer for why;

“….(David said) ‘My soul thirsts for You, my body longs for You in a dry and weary land where there is no water’ Our longings for God might not be as ravenous as David’s but they are real. Because the hunger hurts, although we try to take the edge off of it in anyway we can.

That’s what we’re doing all through our lives here in America, taking the edge off of Spiritual hunger; satisfying it with a donut, satisfying it with the movies, satisfying it with this, and all the time those longings are but an outward sign of what’s really in there; it’s God, we’re longing for heaven.

…there have been times when I think that we do not desire heaven, but more often, i find myself wondering whether in our heart of hearts, if we have ever desired anything else. Isn’t it interesting? The soul is like the stomach, that’s why its interesting that Jesus said that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. That’s why fasting is such a powerful tool to open up windows to Heaven, because in fasting you’re not taking the edge off your spiritual hunger. Cause when you’re always eating food your literally trying to satisfy something that’s spiritual, and so when you don’t eat, you’re awakening part of you that is longing for God. You find in fasting there is nothing else to do but pray, cause half of your life you spend eating, cooking & eating and the other half you spend thinking about what you’re gonna eat. That’s why Daniel went on a 21 day fast; to open up his soul to revelation. So that he could get a window, so that he could prepare the soil to receive the seed that’s planted.”

Already in only 9 days I’ve found myself spending so much energy doing just this; fighting to take off the edge. Suddenly my eyes are open to it and i feel a longing for the breathe of heaven.

38 Day’s to TheCall DC – Father bring a million people who are after You’re heart, bring hundreds of thousands of teenagers and children who would set the eyes of their soul on Jesus now, and live their whole lives never looking away, never falling into rebellion and compromise. You are not yet done with America; there is still hope for our Nation to turn back to the Lord of Hosts!

Lou Engle at the Fascinate 08 Youth Conference

“That night I was awakened at 4 am and heard the voice of the Lord….’America is receiving her prophets, apostles and evangelists, but she has yet to see her Nazarites’ and I knew that a new breed is rising up that is nameless, faceless and they are going to the desert because they are not looking for a name…..they are looking for a voice!!

We have taught our children to feast and play, but now it is time to fast and pray! Prophet’s are forged in the deserts of fasting”

39 Days to theCall DC……even now Lord come

new car….smart car!

SOOOOooooooo………I think I want a smart car! I use the word “want” loosely, seeing as how It would take many years to save the money, but we can ask God for anything, and I just might start asking for one of these cute little things. I looked up the website today and the Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe caught my attention; available in many different colors, starting at $ 13,590, i like i like!

I could see myself driving the black one with silver accents and red interior…… Black Smart Car with Silver Accents…/2007/05/smart_car.jpg