busy week

Monday night kat and I packed up and drove to Iowa to surprise mom before her birthday; we arrived in the evening, stayed up late, woke up early and took to the airport where she flew to Arizona. Her aunt is dying of cancer and she went to see her and pray. I believe with all of my heart that all it takes for a soul to be saved is a single encounter with Jesus and a heart will turn. Let it be done Lord.

Afterwards we had breakfast at a downtown diner with papa, and spent a couple of hours at the zoo. Later we went to see my dad’s parents for a couple of hours before heading back to the house, packing up and heading back to KC. From 6.30 am to 1.20 am, it was  a long day! We both came back in serious pain and woke early to see the chiropractor – these visits are helpful, but painful! If we don’t go we are in pain and WILL get migraines, if we go we come back sore, and it might hold the migraines off for a couple more days. We need your healing Lord.

Back in KC we hit the ground running, working hard, and praying hard for TheCall DC. This gathering is not the answer for our nation, the answer for our nation is for the hearts of the people to turn back to God, to repent for our sins, and cry out for mercy. This is not coming at no sacrifice for us, in 3 weeks Katrina’s phone, laptop and today, her car, all totally died. She was able to buy a new laptop, had insurance on her phone, but will not be able to replace her car. A few months back our brother Jeremy’s car went out, and the three of us have been shifting and sharing to all get around. This leaves the 3 of us sharing my 1989 Mazda 626. I have been asking the Lord for the finances to buy a new car before this one totally dies, now I’m asking for the finances for two!

As far as I’m concerned, there is no turning back. Satan could make my car die, blow out my laptop, ruin my phone and put a tree through my house and I would not stop. The bible and History make it clear; the turning of a nation comes for the price of men and women with relentless focus, willing to lay down their lives for the sake of their brothers. Today Lou spoke to us about Ps.50, another version of the message we are proclaiming, God’s message for this hour found in verse 5, “Gather to Me My concecrated ones, who made a covenant with Me by sacrifice”. It’s Joel 2.15 – Gather the people, in the face of judgement the Lord has given us a solution, it’s time to fast and pray.


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