Open doors in Secular Media

The Lord has been opening doors for Lou to speak through secular media. Already He has trumpeted the call for the church to gather all across the nation through Christian radio and tv, and now it’s beginning to happen in the secular realm as well. It’s exciting, but there has been a somberness in my heart, and an alarm to continue praying for a covering over the whole Engle family.

I was listening to a radio interview that he did yesterday, here is something Lou said that stirred by heart

The moral levee’s of America are breaking and the floods are coming in, and we’re not going to find human answers, we need heaven right now.”

Looking at the laws and bills that are being passed in states like California and Colorado I can not help but agree. This is why I’m here, why I said yes when the Lord invited me to give my life in the place of intercession, I believe we have a God who hears, and who acts. He is not done with America, and though our window may be slowly closing, there is still time for this nation to turn back to Yahweh

Ashley Prior always sings this simple chorus during intercession set’s at IHOP,

This is what we came here for, this is what You’ve made us for: to partner with You.

We will be Your friends Lord, we will give our lives, we will not turn back; for the sake of America, for the sake of our children, for the sake of Your name being glorified.


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