37 Days to TheCall DC

The last two mornings i’ve woken up in significant pain. If the pain comes through the day it’s easier to manage/handle/cope with, but waking up to it is difficult. This morning I felt the holy spirit nudging me to get up anyway, even though I wanted to fall back asleep to make the headache go away I could not. It was as though someone got behind me and pushed me up and once I found myself sitting I thanked the Lord for the day and asked for Grace as I sleepily climbed from bed.

And I’m glad that He woke me! After a great time of prayer and a good conversation with my papa, kat and I headed to the office: 37 days to TheCall DC and sometimes the pressure makes me feel that we havent even begun the work. After a meeting the other day with Michelle (i’m her assistant) and Phil, (our logistics guy for DC) about lining up, scheduling and managing all of the volunteer’s needed for the Pastor’s & Leaders Conference, the Forerunner Youth Conference and the Children’s Equipping Conference the 2 days before TheCall, and for the actual day of TheCall – my head was more than just spinning. I had not yet considered the details of actually putting on a free event for around 500,000 people,while still praying for One Million, and left crying out for grace from God and Divine Wisdom.

Today I felt some of that Grace; a little bit more strength and vigor to press on and give my all. Today I also found that through a series of events, and a simple phone call that was made, the Lord may have used me as an unknowing instrument to connect us to a donor who is willing to give 100,000 Dollars!! What an incredible blessing!! We continue to pray for the 1.2 Million dollars needed to put on TheCallDC, but the story behind the connection with this donor is absolutely supernatural: thank you Lord!

We will press on and not be discouraged, we will pray for the Lord to build this house, that we would not labor in vain!!


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