Leisure in DC

**updated 1/2/09 – For all who have wondered about the 2nd photo, I’d just jumped out of the bamboo scarying Matthew Berry which brought a frekishly high-pitched girly scream to flow from his lips. It worked 3-4 times before he ran away from the bamboo.**


TheCall DC

Whew. TheCall DC was amazing, an incredible amount of work packed into about the craziest 5 days of my life, but I’d do it again in a heart beat. In the midst of the madness I had a single moment of clarity as the following thought fluttered through my sleep and caffeine deprived consciousness: One day I’ll look back and Jesus will show me how every bit of this mattered” That thought kept me going for a few days.

A couple of highlights from the Trip:

  • The Evening de-brief in the hotel room with Katrina and Joanna Reyburn as we processed while lying the most comfortable hotel beds i’ve ever slept in, hands down, and watched the Olympics, or exposes on the Mob
  • Joanna & Tyler Eitel. I fell in love with this couple while in DC: SImply Amazing. Tyler comes across as a pretty tough dude, I mean, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything wrong and get caught by him. And Joanna pretty much ran the entire PreCall Conference; It was an honor to serve her. Every now and then Tyler would glare at us and order us to the cafeteria for a meal. Once out of the building he’d become nice again and we’d all laugh and talk. Gotta love new friends.
  • Lou’s message at the PreCall conference was incredible, I was working in a back room and could feel the presence of God in such a powerful way I was moved to tears and never even made out a word of his message.
  • One of the most powerful moments of the day of TheCall was hearing Norma McCorvey speak about the ending of abortion and the Lord’s heart to bring restoration to women who have had them.
  • One awesome moment was when buckets of water suddenly poured from the roof of the stage directly onto Phil, our director of logistics, and Megan, Dwayne Robert’s assistant. Classic Beauty.
  • Favorite Moment of the Day: Accidentally zip-tying a protester in a port-a-john

We then had a few days to tour the city, visiting some museums and meeting some of the staff at IJM, which was definitely a highlight. It was a LONG two weeks, lots of work, LOTS of walking, but every moment well worth it.

Upon returning to KC we received an email which I have edited for the sake of ending this LONG entry, and omitting the names. This one testimony made every hour from February to August worth it:

Among our group was a 16 year old boy… he has been witnessing to his father for a very long time and reported that his father was very cold to the gospel. While leaving for The Call he asked his dad to promise that he would watch at least one hour of The Call because he would be there. His dad did as he promised and watched one hour of The Call. When his wife got home he told her this, “Tell .. that he can stop worrying about me. I’m going to go to heaven now. I watched The Call and I now believe everything that he has been telling me.” He had tuned in as the call for salvation was being given and had given his heart to the Lord. He left for work just after this conversation. On the way home from The Call … got a phone call and was told that his father had passed away in a terrible work accident. He was relatively young at less than 40 years old. He died within hours of responding to the call for salvation that was given at The Call.

oh that Thousands of hearts were turned to Salvation on that day! We still believe that America can be changed in a day, one day we will look back and see the effect that August 16, 2008 had for the nation of America, for the hearts of the People, and how the name of the Lord was glorified.

Photo’s of the day can be viewed frommany sources, one being: http://www.shelleypaulson.com/order/thecall

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