Big Cheif Indian Tablets

so apparently Randy made a reference to the above mentioned notepads in TheCall staff meeting in kansas city today, being lost in the dark I googled it to find out just where his jab was coming from. For Annie’s sake:

The Big Chief tablet was for many years the most popular brand of paper writing tablet among school children and hopeful novelists in the United States and exemplified the lined writing tablet as a communications medium. The tablet featured a native American with full headdress on the cover. The Big Chief Writing Tablet copyright was originally held by William Albrecht at the Western Tablet Company in St. Joseph, Missouri, and was later sold to the Mead Corporation, which also manufactured a Son of Big Chief tablet.

Thanks,,sid183_gci512952,00.html ! Randy are you telling us to communicate better and take notes?


2 thoughts on “Big Cheif Indian Tablets

  1. Wow! I have to admit that even though I didn’t know what it was…I laughed. =) And…”Son of Big Chief tablet”. I think we need a stack of those for the office. We could even send some to you guys in CA to help you out! =)

  2. Why I have no idea what you mean by ,”helping us out in CA” I’m sure I could teach those Son of a Big Chief tablet’s a thing or two about administration!!

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