San Diego

A few days before leaving KC for TheCall DC the Lord gave my sister and I the opportunity to move to San Diego CA for two months of prayer, fasting, and preparation for TheCall California on November 1st. The invitation was a surprise and we were given little time to prepare but both of us felt strongly that this was a direct response to purposeful prayer for California and accepted with trembling hearts. 

I believe with everything in me that the fight going on in California right now is really a fight for the hearts of the People; to either turn their hearts to the wisdom of God or to the wisdom of man, and as the Mayor of San Fransisco so eloquently stated, “As California goes, so goes the Nation” This is our slogan as we come into San Diego, crying out for the people of God to turn to the Lord and in turn for them to cry out on behalf of their state!

The plane arrived in San Diego last Saturday carrying 3 of our team and we hit the ground running; our fourth flies in this Saturday morning. The days begin early with an hour of prayer, and end late with all of us tired, but everything we are doing is as intercession to the Lord and throughout the day we ask for wisdom, insight and strategies from Heaven. 

Pray for our protection, our heath, and our hearts as we mobilize here on the ground. I will update often!


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