This morning I read an article about Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth, written 2 short months after the loss of their youngest, adopted daughter. I remember at a young age telling my mom that I was going to adopt all of my children, in my young eyes there were just too many un-loved children, and Jesus loves them all. I still believe that the love of a parent is the same for their children of the flesh and those whom they choose, and have grieved for the pain that the Chapman family has gone through while continuing to pray for the strength of the Lord for their family.

I had to share this story from the article, what a good, good Father we have:

Maria had the morning of the accident drawn a picture of a flower and written a word that she had never written before. She knew how to write her name, that was all I had seen, or maybe ‘I love Dad’ or ‘I love Mom’ but she had never written any other words.

The day after the accident we went home…sitting on the art table was this little picture that Maria had drawn the morning of the accident. She had drawn a six-petaled flower and only one petal was colored in. We have six children, only one is whole now, we believe, in the arms of Jesus. She had written the word S-E-E, she wrote the word see. And she had never written that before

My heart grieves, and still I LONG for the spirit of adoption to come and grip the church! Lou often says that we can not stand on street corners and ask women to not abort their babies if in the same breath we do not offer to adopt them. A friend from Romania told me a few years ago that if I really believe in adoption, and really wanted to adopt Romanian children, than as a single 21 year old female, I needed to begin to save the money for it. Sounds radical, it did to me then too, but I believe it. Even more than I did as a 10 year old child I believe it, Father make us ready to receive them with open arms, and open hearts, to love them as You love them and call them into the dream that is in Your heart for them.


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