Heck yes I did

I  caved to the Facebook 25 list: it’s true, and I am not ashamed! Now feast your eyes on random facts about C. Styles

1. I love the sky: Sunrise, Sunset, clouds, rain, snow, and especially Stars.

2. Easily Amused does not begin to describe it! The little things MAKE MY DAY: a piece of chocolate, a dum dum sucker (remember emilie?) a little note under my windshield wipers or sitting on my seat, a dumb toy, silly surprises, buttons….ok so basically I’m like a 5 yr old.

3. If my brother would let me I’d live in a cave with no electricity or means of communication and do everything by the light of a candle. Of course I’d have to shave my head because I’m too vain to not have the ability to style my hair….

4. We once had a miniature pony, his name was Melba Dale.

5. Around the 4th of July I buy BOXES of Sparklers and stash them in my garage. When I am sad I grab a box(or 6), sit on the porch and burn them one….at…a…time.

6. When I need to think, I go for walks. In the rain, in the middle of the night, (shrugs shoulders) it doesn’t really matter

7. Some of my best friends are made of paper and live on a wooden shelf in my bedroom. And yes, sometimes I will choose to be with them over hanging out with you.

8. Old things make me feel alive, historical places, classical music, records, dried flowers, antique furniture, faded photographs, wrinkled paper, museums…

9. Always wanted to drive a pickup truck, at 6 my papa told me I was “Too little of a girl” for a pick up truck but “don’t worry, they make some JUST for little people like you! They are called El Camino’s” and for YEARS i wanted one.

10. Was once told that Spiders were sent from Hell, I believe it to this day. And if one catches me off guard, I will quite possibly scream or jump onto the nearest anything, and if you are standing too close when that happens….well….

11. Can get so happy that I literally cry, usually at homey things: the dusty smell of a horse, watching clouds while lying in fresh cut grass, blossoming roses, sunset over water, burning candles….

12. I once had a love for apple juice that could easily be compared to a cigarette addiction.

13. As a child I was prone to dreaming big and say things like “Someday when I grow up and I’M a boy….” or “oh yeah, well when I am older than you…”

14. I am named after my great grandfather Christian, my grandfather Carol, and my aunt, Karen.

15. My brother Nathan told me at the age of 8 that Gullible was spelled wrong in the dictionary. I adored him, and had no idea what that word meant, and believed it until 14. That was when I got into a fight with my English teacher about it and he proved me wrong.

16. Can not be convinced to play a part in any practical jokes (right Hannah?) This is because once involved…..i can not be convinced to stop and usually go WAY over the line!

17. Like to drive with no shoes on. Or with one foot propped up on the seat next to me. Or with one foot hanging out the window.

18. Will cry in just about any movie, love stories (for sure), cartoons (if someone dies), feel good films (because they are happy) it goes on and on. Fortunately this is conditional, I can USUALLY hold back my tears if there is a boy in the room…(was trained through the ridicule of my brothers)

19. Love riding in cars: when hanging out with friends I usually enjoy the drive time more than the activity.

20. Small things delight me to NO end: miniature soda bottles,individually wrapped candy, tiny animals, babies, wild strawberries, you name it. If it’s little, i LOVE it!

21. I revel in the emotions hidden inside of words. Some favorites: Intentionality, whisper, fidelity, blossom, endear, captivate

22. Hard exterior: yes I play tough, but can probably be suckered into doing just about anything, especially if you bribe me with sweet things.

23. Once owned the same car twice: a Pontiac Bonneville SE that was Hunter Green with tan interior. When it died my Dad got me a salvage car that just happened to be…the same car.BUT this one had leather interior and a sunroof and was murdered by a demon deer, and the second time was un-salvageable.

24. My best friend/older Sister used to be my mortal enemy. Jeremy had a boys club called JAM (Jeremy, Adam and Matthew) and I was their spy and would tell them weird things that she did and they would write about it in their monthly news letter.

25. My first pet was a cricket named: Cricket. Jeremy caught him for me and we put him in a little tin container after punching holes in the top and making a soft bed of grass. I would take him out and sing to him and put him back in and 3 days later he died. We buried him under a giant bush of Babies Breath, Jeremy performed the ceremony and I cried. I hate crickets.


3 thoughts on “Heck yes I did

  1. for like ten whole seconds after i read your number 7 answer (which is a long time when you are reading) i imagined you playing with and talking to tiny paper dolls on your bookshelf, laughing with them at pretend conversations and changing their clothes and all that fun stuff kids do with paper dolls. i thought “oh that’s precious… really weird and probably a bit in need of some anti-fantasy counseling, but precious.” then it hit me that you were talking about books. and i felt really silly.

    just thought i’d share. : )

    i like you, miss styles. you’re a fun girl to know.

  2. ok Kacie, that is quite possibly the funniest thing that I’ve heard all week! I got the mental image of myself DOING that as i read your comment, ha ha ha! When is your baby due??

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