Random Friday

Foot surgery was postponed….again. Much as I hate the thought of surgery and recovery, my feet hurt. Migraines have been bad the last 2 weeks as the weather keeps shifting dramatically, and I’ve realized I’m like an arthritic old woman whose pain is dramatically influenced by the weather, which is weird.

I have been SO excited to start my garden, and the only thing that has held back starting my seeds has been time. Now I’m glad because we have 8 INCHES OF SNOW in the forecast for this weekend! My peach tree is arrayed in the glory of full bloom, and this snow will kill all chances of fruit this year 😦

One of my supporters desperately needs to sell a house for nothing short of 2.2 million. All prayer appreciated.

Um….what else what else? I’m dreaming again, 2 serious dreams last week about the danger of holding onto seemingly small compromise, and the answer of throwing ourselves open handed into the mercy of God. It’s set my spirit trembling.

I’ve just borrowed a book about astronomy*(Thanks Jess) prophesying the gospel and I can’t WAIT to dig in!

Compassion International is on a campaign against the Global Food Crisis and for $13 you can feed a starving child for a month

I’ve rediscovered my love for Art Katz books, some of which can be downloaded for free.

Zack and Carrie Hensley are having a girl!! Z is an old friend from my first day’s on the Nightwatch here in Kansas City, and an excellent writer, if you don’t read his blog, you should 🙂

After deleting my facebook account I have enjoyed getting news about my friends from their lips….not the Internet. I don’t miss it at all.

Petitioning the courts of Heaven
Petitioning the courts of Heaven

We’ve been burdened with the court case this week concerning Dr.George Tiller. I would have LOVED to be a part of the Silent Siege held outside of his Kansas abortion clinic this, but have been diligent to pray from my office and bedroom instead. I’ve just heard from Matt Lockett, leader of the ministry Bound4Life that “Most infamous late-term abortion provider found NOT GUILTY.”

God have mercy on America.


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