Ode to a dying Laptop

There is some sort of a wire that happens to control the screen in my laptop that is dying. The slightest change in position and the whole screen freezes, or worse, fills with funny lines and distorted versions of what I was previously viewing, or unfortunately the document I was previously working on.

Today it took nearly an hour to find just the right position to turn the screen back on. :/

A while back, a friend was relaying a conversation between her father and herself, where she was describing some dreams in her heart and he was reminding her that as an Intercessory Missionary…….she’s flat broke. All the time.

Her response? “Yea dad I know, but…..(follow with weak attempt to boldly speak in faith)….but my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills right?”

His response? “Well I wish He’d kick ME a couple of cows”

At the moment I’m not sure how I’m going to pay for the bridesmaid’s dress for my brother’s wedding, not to mention the cost of the alterations necessary (the price I pay for a small frame) and needless to say, a new laptop is NOT in the budget. Though I’m not sure how I am to function at work without it.

Abba please, just one cow?


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