Your love

On Saturday my friend Joanna played a two hour Devotional set in the house of prayer.

I met Joanna in the fall of 2004 when my brother Jeremy was doing the first half of his internship on the Nightwatch at IHOP-KC. Back then she was a worship leader on the NW and J sang on her team. I loved her worship sets, and I think Holy Spirit did to, because He always, ALWAYS seemed to come when Joanna would sing; in sweet tender ways, bringing many tears while touching the hearts of us in the room, or in wild and crazy ways, sweeping everyone off of their feet and into love driven dance. One particular morning she jumped off the platform to dance with the rest of us while the other musicians carried the music.

Not currently acting as a full-time worship leader, every now and then she will fill spots in the hop and I try to attend each one.  She’s captured the best part of her worship set from Saturday and you can listen to it on her website.

This is what You died for, that I may be Yours: that I may know and believe, accept and receive Your love.

And Your love is like an ocean, never ending, who can search it out?

Who can know the depths who can search the heights of Your love, of Your love? Stronger, deeper, wider, higher, bigger than I could ever imagine, Your love, Your love.

And this is why You died, that I may be Yours, that I may know and believe, accept and receive Your love.


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