High – well, almost

I have an alarm set on my phone that has been keeping me on schedule with taking pain meds. The alarm went off at 7.30 this morning, I took the pills, reset the alarm and went back to bed.  11am, alarm goes off again. I roll over, take pills and go back to sleep.

But there is a problem. You see, I am supposed to take the meds once every six hours, which means that my next dose should have been at 1.30 in the afternoon. I intended to try and make it to the office today and had set a wake up alarm, but in my sleepy drug induced state I forgot and simply took another dose of Vicadin…..

Needless to say this afternoon has been strange. I’ ve had vertigo for a couple of days but today the rooms are spinning in a slower, less rhythmic pace. Once I grabbed my crutches to stand up and found my good leg gently cave beneath me, refusing to hold my weight. I tried reading but the movements of the words on the page left me more nauseous than normal.

It’s good that my family is around to monitor me, i only pray that no one takes pictures. One of my friends begged to be allowed in the house during my post-surgery, drugged days and I refused. Today he is in Alabama and I’m glad because were he in town, I would surely be tormented.


3 thoughts on “High – well, almost

  1. i love you
    if i were there there would be snuggles and petting your head like a kitten. I would give you a golden bell that you could ring and i would bring breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks (and homemade cookies) in between. you are worth it all and more. until the day i can visit again, i send my love and prayers


    • Oh Sunshine 🙂 Somedays I do wonder why the Lord has you so far away from me. I truly miss you dearly and love you more than I can say, be blessed today dear friend.

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