8 days ago I dreamed about the martyrdom of the saints on the streets of San Fransisco. Mark that on the top 3 Scariest Dreams I’ve ever had, all of which have occurred in the last 6 months.

6 days ago I realized that my desire to go back to the Nightwatch is based mostly on missing the deep community experienced with the people. My Next realization:I may never switch back to Nights, and still need intentional community.

5 days ago I talked with my best friend for over an hour. The first phone call since she left for India. God dropped a bomb in my life out of her mouth about my calling to intercession on behalf of the unborn and the current spiritual warfare in my life.  It was the single most encouraging thing to happen in months. Thanks Soph, I really miss you.

4 days ago the stitches from my surgery were removed and I was given permission to begin putting weight on my foot. The first day was rather discouraging.

All week my friends have kept me laughing due to madness on Facebook surrounding one ridiculous caffeinated beverage. Realization: You people are amazing, I am so honored to know and run with you. Thank you for loving me.

3 days ago was the birthday of a dear friend: E.Money you are such a blessing and a joy.

The soundtracks to this week have included Jon Foreman, Sarah Groves, Norah Jones, Phil Whickham, Dennis Jernigan, The Cross Movement & Brad Paisley. Yup, it’s been an interesting week.

Today I left the crutches at home. A friend commented to another friend that they told the wrong girl to let the pain guide her in recovery 😀 For the first time I drive better than I walk, but I know the limp is another part of the journey of humility that God is faithfully walking me down.

This evening I ate ice cream twice in an hour and sat in a cafe reading and speaking of the Savior with Jessica Orr. She is my blessing of the summer.

Tonight my brother and sister in law went on a date with my parents(WEIRD). Later while sitting outside with toes buried in the dew laden lawn, surrounded by a cloud of smoke from the sparklers that burned in my palm I watched him stop to kiss her forehead while carrying a load of boxes in his arms, and my heart rejoiced for them.

Thank You for this life, for each breathe that You give to us, for making us more like Your Son, for not leaving us to make it on our own. Thank You for the hope  that burns bright in our souls that You are coming soon.

Holding Stars
Holding Stars

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