change like the weather

Kansas City weather is incredibly unpredictable.

At 10am it was blazing as I walked the dog. All day I was outside in the scorching sun, then suddenly, dark clouds bullied there way across the sky and at 7pm we found ourselves in a torrential downpour. This cleared up in less than two hours and left a gorgeous summer evening in it’s wake.

At 2am we left an empty soccer field were we’d been lighting fireworks and laughing for two hours.  Today was a fantastic summer Saturday, lovely, sun drenched, full of laughter and friends. And tonight while driving around, just doing our thing, dropping people off, You broke through my atmosphere and into my world.

You love suddenly. It’s the surprise, the catching off guard and knowing that You have my full attention. Like a man in the middle of a crowd of people trying to capture the heart of that one girl, knowing the tone of voice or carefully chosen words will catch her eye, and then he holds it, holding her attention, ALL of it, above every other person standing in between. It’s funny how You love that dance, the game of pursuit, of wooing. I will never cease to be anything less than astounded, that the God of all creation is so intentional with little me.

3am, I swear I can almost smell You in this delicious, enticing wind.  Do I ever tell You how I love the way you slip up unnoticed, then suddenly declare Yourself? Leaving me knowing You are close enough to feel with me, to taste, touch, see, smell, hear, and think with me. They say You’re not enough to statisfy, but I am one of those that has seen, has known the way You redeem, just how intimately You work when you make one new. I love You for finding me.


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