“You make me new with every season’s change”

2.17 am. Again.

Nights like tonight find me wistfully remembering my days on the Nightwatch….oh wait… that’s every night. Yup, its been a year and a half on days, and I still look with fondness on those 2 1/2 years of my life wondering if I will ever find a season containing such focus, diligence, community & lack of sleep!

A quick recap of the last few months:

I turned 23!

My dear friend Shelley Paulson came to visit IHOP, doing quite a few photo shoots and a few training sessions. I was incredibly blessed to be the subject of one such lesso taught to the lovely Jessica, and will post pictures when they both get done editing. The three of us went to the Shiloh property at sunset and laughed and played in the sunlight and wildflowers and there I discovered something: I LOVE the click of a shutter! Really, I have always hated having my photo taken but absolutely delighted in the few hours of undivided attention from two excellent photographers out on the property that has been more home to me in the last few years than my own house.

At the beginning of August Katrina and I took a mini vacation to San Diego California. It was an incredible few days of food, rest and sun. And stirring. The last few months have been …trying, climaxing into the last few weeks of weighty intercession, weighty emotions and a lot of heaviness in my soul. There has been many many nights of late night tears and wrestling – desperately needing a touch from the Lord, an encouragement to keep me going and remind me deep inside of why I am here and what I am doing.

And nothing seems to do that like returning to the old things, the “ancient paths”, those places that have always been a part of my journey in the Lord. There are several things that come to mind when I say that but I will stick with California.  In the past 6 months I have had 2 very significant, and very heavy dreams related to this state that I so love. And being on the soil stirred my soul to remember, remember, remember and to pray. One morning we spent a few hours with the JHOP San Diego crew, praying with them at the UCSD campus. I have such love for that House, and we were honored to stand with them!

Well there is a short update – more to come!


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