3pm French Press

Today is Friday.  Last night Katrina and I sat on the porch burning through boxes of sparklers and I nearly convinced her to sell everything and move to Africa, but since she didn’t FULLY agree, I think I’ll stay for awhile.

After an eventful & emotional morning of prayer and tears with my housemate, I made it to the office and dove into the fury that is the Media Department at IHOP right now.  At one point I realized that my energy was lagging and looking at the clock I realized it was 3pm and thought “Yup, time for some french press.”

Is it bad that my life has driven me to need 2 cups of strong coffee at 3pm each afternoon? I don’t know, but I just want to state boldly that I as somewhat of a praying monk, I am thankful for that goat herder.

Tonight we have bible study and Joshua is taking us week by week through the chapters of Hebrews which happens to be one of my favorite books. If you’d like to come it starts at 7 and at 9 we are eating pizza. The air outside is delicious, and much as I HATE to see summer coming to a close I can’t deny that I LOVE the smell of fall.

Tomorrow I plan to firs,t work on my tan before my chance is gone, second, try to sell some furniture and third buy a couch. The couch that I’m looking at is a Restoration Hardware piece that’s being sold for $320 (reduced from $500) and I currently have about $275 in my bank account so if anyone wants to donate to the Styles Couch fund, by all means please do!

Happy Friday everyone.  Happy Zack is back with Random Ranting Friday. Happy summer is ending but it’s ok because fall is wonderful. Happy I finally made it through all the purchase orders AND voice mails day. And if your day has been lousy, please take a minute to breathe deeply and call your soul to remember that your Father in heaven DEEPLY loves you and has everything in control.

Oh yeah, and Annie, I still miss you :*


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