My first Book

I’m writing a book, a short book.  Katrina suggested “booklet” but I hate that word as much as I hate the word “pamphlet” so we’re leaving it at “short book”.

Right now my debate is on the title and I think I’ve narrowed it down to either

  1. “I don’t want a Boyfriend” ( My initial idea of  ‘Why I am 23, and don’t want a boyfriend’ just didn’t hit right) or
  2. “Lonely for Jesus”

Taken from some of my life in God I am writing to young women about loneliness, relationships, emotions and having a deep life in God. I want to develop the idea that the majority of our inner traffic is stemming out of the barrenness of our souls that is crying out for true fellowship with Jesus Christ and not an actual physical person. While not communicating that “boys are bad” I want to present the idea that *shocker* a boyfriend will not make the pain go away, and encourage them in how to turn the emotions and longing into fuel that propels them into the heart of the Burning Man, and puts strength into their inner life in God. And I want to boldly present the idea that young women should hold off on actually stepping into a dating relationship with young men until their identity, self-worth, passion and the desire for their personal destiny has a firm, solid foundation in their friendship with Jesus, then encourage them to even wait longer!

“Why not give years of your youth and passion to actually cultivating and growing in depth of friendship with the Lord of all Creation? He is the one who searches the very depths of our souls and knows what lies hidden there, and He has chosen to pour out His love on you! Yes we will spend eternity with Him, forever and ever and ever searching out His heart and will never come to the end of knowing Him, BUT WHAT IF WE STARTED NOW? I do not want to wait for the return of my Savior to begin to get to know Him. Once He comes He will not leave again and there is no going back to redo what was not done, to rebuild what is not there. I can’t imagine meeting Jesus face to face, finally gazing unrestrained into His burning eyes of fire……..and having nothing to say. How awful to meet Him and have nothing but a long, awkward conversation, because though I knew and LOVED things about Him, I never gave the time and emotion to become His friend. Do you understand, He Is A Man.”

This will be followed with thoughts on solid girl-guy and girl-girl friendships, boundaries and fellowship that helps our souls to burn, not encouraging equality on guy/girl and girl/girl friendships but encouraging real family relationships that build us up in our faith and the benefits of having a few good “brothers” in our lives.

**Please understand that this is not to be a female version of  “I kissed Dating Goodbye” though I did read the book at 15 and loved it! I actually don’t think that dating is ‘wrong’ but think that as a generation of young people pursuing the heart of the Lord, we have a lot of room to grow related to Holiness, Righteousness, Steadfastness in our walks with Christ and Boundaries**

Years ago when I first read Dana Candler’s ‘Deep unto Deep’ I was powerfully moved by her using prayers from her own life in the book. It truly, truly helped me to buy into what she followed with in the chapters as I could identify with the emotions and language of her prayers, and I am following with this style of vulnerable writing.

Some other chapter ideas have to do with “Using, not Wasting Time”, “Modesty: The word that makes us Groan”, and “Music, Movies and Magazines”.

I would love to hear any thoughts, suggestions, chapter idea’s and even other book titles! The book itself is in a really rough, early stage but I’ve got a fabulous idea for the cover and am scoping out locations for the picture I want.

This is exciting.



5 thoughts on “My first Book

  1. i think that this book is soooo needed these days. i know when i came to that place of being comfortable with myself and loving on the Lord, it was sooo freeing, i didn’t have to worry about that boy or who i was b/c i knew Him and began to understand His love for me and who He made me to be. i think that when we get to that place, its more attractive to guys anyways, not that that should be the goal though.

    and you’re so right, He is a Man, our Lover. and now that i have a daughter, my heart for her is that she would grow up knowing that her Father loves her and thinks she is beautiful and that she can be secure in that. my desire is that she would be so secure in His love and hopefully we can as parents instill this in her.

    i am so excited for you and can’t wait to read it!! you are amazing, really!

  2. you can subtitle that book: and kyle doesn’t want me to have a boyfriend either.


    what we REALLY need is people living out their values on ‘dating’ in a way that empowers their peers to walk free from emotional and physical lusts.

    p.s. i started blogging again. yay! and look at you being a little prolific writer on the side…love it.

    • Kyle I love you, but I’m 23 and it really IS ok for me to have a boyfriend when i want one 😉

      I would LOVE for you to blog more about dating, Lord knows my thoughts on this topic are tainted with your influence! Tainted in a good way of course…..

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