Tonight we went to the hospital to greet #13 of the Roberts Family. Little Seth was beautiful, all of the children are in love with him. Stephanie is my hero, and she also, was amazingly beautiful. As lovely as she looks any day I walk into the house to find her sweeping the floors or washing the dishes after just putting the young kids to bed. She’ll look up and smile with a hint of tired around her eyes, just happy to see me. That’s how she looked in that hospital bed tonight, just a hint of tired in her eyes as her 13th baby howled under a heat lamp and 11 of her children +1 fiance crowded around him.

There is wonder, joy and a feeling of true life in that picture. 11 kids, varying ages pressed as close around that screaming little boy. Each of them thinking different thoughts about who he is and what he will be but one thing is solidified in their minds; “He is ours.”

Breathtaking, the reality of belonging.


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