Sound Conversions

Doing a little internet reading on the life of David Brainerd. This young man lived the life that I dreamed as a child; he burned a bright flame and was taken to be with the Lord while in his early youth.

Take a look at this excerpt from his diary:

Lord’s Day, December 29 …After public worship was over, I went to my house, proposing to preach again after a short season of intermission. But they soon came in one after another; with tears in their eyes, to know, “what they should do to be saved…” It was an amazing season of power among them, and seemed as if God had “bowed the heavens and come down…” and that God was about to convert the whole world.

My young eyes have seen similar hunger for freedom in the eyes of natives in other countries, but the difference is that I have never preached the true gospel to the lost.  The gospel I preached at 16, 17 & 18 was a mere repeating of man’s attempt to prepackage, water down and hand back the gospel of Jesus Christ. It pained my soul but more often than not I found it unable to deliver those who were willing, and I cried out for the spirit of God to come with power.

No wonder He sent me to this little house of seeking. Our seeking DOES look different than the Saints of old. Tonight I received a txt from my papa while in the 8pm intercession set. My parents were streaming the prayer room back home and he asked if I was in the room. It’s difficult to explain, but he asked because the room was HOPPING, prayers arising to the beat the drummer was pounding out and couldn’t help but grin as I responded, “Daddy THIS is how the saints of this generation make intercession, to the sound of dirty club beats!”

Brainerd would have turned over in his grave. But the Lord is going to give this generation a burden for souls, a baptism of fire, and the gospel with power in a way that will mirror nae OUT SHINE the revivals of old. We too are being asked to give everything for it to happen, and as we surrender our proud, strong wills,  it will happen.  DO it Lord! Give us the Burden for souls, write the gospel on our hearts, and give us authority to preach it with boldness out of our weak mouths!


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