“But Evan Roberts never came out of his cave”

Tonight I watched 3 sessions of the series “God’s Generals”, a documentary on many of the great Revival preaches throughout the 18-1900’s.  I was so excited when starting disc 3, knowing that it was about Evan Roberts. The little bit that I have heard about the Welsh revival makes desire rise so powerfully in my heart that I can not breathe when I think of it. But I had never heard the full story of Evan Roberts.

In a word: Tragic.

The narrator of this documentary series is a man named Roberts Liardon. Liardon sums up Roberts life, speaking of a “Jezebelic Spirit” that  stole much from him and chased him into a cave like Elijah and broke my heart with this finale, “But Evan Roberts never came out of his cave. The last entry in his journal was the word ‘ill’.”

He gives these points of what we can learn from the life of Evan Roberts

  1. God can use young people
  2. Young people need to have those that have gone before them to help stabilize them
  3. The wrong alignment can cause great destruction in your life and to your ministry
  4. You have to learn how to take care of your mental and physical man in the pressure of the revival. “It’s really not ALL on your shoulders, it’s on the shoulders of God”
  5. Value the sacredness of your family and the intimate part of your home

The interesting fact is that the day that Evan Roberts “gave up”, is the day that the Lord poured out His spirit on Frank Bartleman, ultimately beginning the Asuza Street Revival. Speaking of that outpouring Liardon declares “But where I really believe God wanted it to begin was in a young man by the name of Evan Roberts”

God will pour out His spirit of Revival in this Nation, oh but He LONGS for the revival of the love of Christ in our individual hearts!


One thought on ““But Evan Roberts never came out of his cave”

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