Media Dept. Fast: Day 2 – Moving Heaven

Late this evening I spoke on the phone with a friend who’s sibling had made some bad decisions and run away from home. After praying with the friend I made my way home and picking up my guitar I began to sing over this child, knowing that the heart of the Father is always to call the lost home.

In the last four years I’ve heard hundreds of tidbits about prophetic singers, and the power in our songs before God and have tried to bind them to my heart and believe them. After tonight I might never need to be convinced again.

Let me clarify: When I say that I can’t play the guitar I am not being modest. Regardless, I made intercession through song calling her home, telling her it was not too late to turn around, that her decisions are not final and she does not have to follow through with them, singing of the mercy and forgiveness that is waiting at the door of her Father’s house.

Only half an hour. And I got a txt message that the child is coming home. Right now. Hear me: Many have been praying today. MANY friends of God, faithful leaders who I trust. But my song counted. Your voice counts, know that! Know that your voice counts, that the Lord of Glory is moved by your prayers no matter how weak they may sound to your own ears!

Behold, what manner of love the Father has given unto us. We have been called His children. He listens, and He moves.


2 thoughts on “Media Dept. Fast: Day 2 – Moving Heaven

  1. Christina, i love you so much. Thank you so much for calling me and being there and just praying and believing that the Lord would move. She’s here now, and she will be with me in the prayer room tomorrow. I want you to meet her!! You helped bring her home with your love. I love you.. i wish there were deeper words that could express what that really means.

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