When Jesus Returns

What do I think that life will be like when Jesus returns? I think it will be life, without longing.

In the moments when my heart loves Jesus the most, when the overflow washes over and refreshes my soul and I wonder how I could ever do anything but love Him with all of my heart….I find myself longing. Longing to love Him more, to see more, to feel more of His heart. Even when I love Him the most I long for more.

In the moment when situations work out and the friends show up and I find myself the most happy, I find myself longing. On roadtrips with the best of friends, blaring music and singing at the top of our lungs, eating dumb food and loving the road, the roadtrip games, the time together, the plans were embarking on, the song etc, I find myself thinking things like “If I could just remember this moment forever!!” because I know that times  come often when I need to remember joy, companionship and movement. And I long for the “good times” to never end.

I have heard of love and falling in love, of the journey of being captivated and wooed, the following marriage plans and glorious weddings that lead into years of married life and women (probably men too) who look back with pain on the years when they felt cherished by their spouse.

Then practically; the cold hits, and instantly I am longing for summer. This summer while working in my little office I often found myself dreaming of swimming, grilling and fishing. On Tuesdays after a couple of hours in the prayer room I begin to crave food. At the end of the day I crawl into my cold sheets and long for warmth. Lately I’ve found myself looking excitedly toward the future, and also lamenting details of the now that I will painfully miss when the future become now.

And all I can think is that when You come back, we are fully satisfied. No confusion, no pain, no hunger, no lack and no longing. You are the Son, our Song, our Love and our Whole. No more longing, no more thinking of other times, of better things or something else that we can try to make us feel complete. You are our complete. I long for the day of no longing.


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