4 minutes

to write this post and be in the prayer room.

The soundtrack of this week is Redemption Song by Jars of Clay

Temptations lose their power when Thou art nigh, I need thee I need the I need the every hour.

This morning I drove my sister and her boyfriend do the airport for them to fy to Wyoming for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Holiday’s without family members are lousy, and I don’t like the idea of spending a single one with all of my family not with me. Thanksgiving 4 years ago Katrina was in Arizona and we took family photo’s, leaving a space to photoshop her in. That never happened and seeing the picture with the empty space always leaves a rock in my stomach.

Today I sat in my first Meeting for Awakening Teen Camps this summer. I just want to say that I love the team! The youth of this nation have no idea what is about to explode out of Kansas City this summer. I am blessed to be counted in the ranks of such men and women of God.

4pm. I am off to the prayer room for the next 6 hours. Oh how we love You Jesus, and want You to return.


2 thoughts on “4 minutes

  1. Oh how i LOOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Redemption Songs….. and who got you hooked on this here band???? ah, no need to answer actually… I’m just gonna take the credit.

    • Due to your enthusiasm I almost hate to tell you that I’ve been listening to joc for years. To soften the blow I will tell you that you can take the credit for reminding me that I enjoy David Crowder.

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