Angry Dave

So my “tomorrow” blog on December 6th obvioulsy never happened. Today is December 19, 2009 and my heart is stirred by a noble theme.

I just got done reading a recent article on the Exodus Cry website. Exodus Cry is a ministry praying for the ending of the sex trade. Sounds pretty outrageous right? The ENDING of the sex trade, but the good news is that they are on the side of Jesus who happens to be coming back to end wickedness, and He cares a LOT about this issue (check out Revelation chapter 18). And for this reason they are undaunted in their vision and both pray and act with boldness and spiritual violence.

I know quite a few individuals working for Exodus Cry and this particular article was written by a leader on the Nightwatch here in the house of prayer. Here is the link, I’d encourage you to read it in entirety. I was stirred to tear filled prayer while reading, but it was the last paragraph that grabbed hold of my soul,

I asked Dave how we could pray for him and the Door of Hope, and here was his answer: “You can pray as if a terrorist had taken you captive and you’re his hostage.  There’s a difference when you pray, O God, please let Mary get an A on the test, or please help me pick the right flowers for the party, verses if a terrorist is threatening to blow you up.  Pray that way.”  In addition, he asked people to pray for more people– millions of people, even– to pray for the Door of Hope team, and for God to send good, solid workers.  Lastly, he wants to be a light to the nation of Israel and the world.

Oh that You would teach us how to pray this way Father.


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