I still don’t want to grow old

January 7, 2010

Today I slept until 12.45 and do not feel bad at all. Onething sapped my strength & kicked me in the back by ending with a memorial service for Derek Loux on the one year anniversary of Jill Austin’s memorial.  Two day’s later my sister burst into my room at 3.45 am needing to go to the emergency room and starting two days of madness. I thought the first few months of this year were supposed to be devoted to reflection, study and rest?

It’s freezing outside and I haven’t felt my toes in 3 hours but I wouldn’t trade this blustery never ending storm for anything. I’ve missed the magical snowy winters of my childhood and this one makes my soul feel young. Next to me is a cup of Thera-flu and my faithful guitar. *deep sigh*

My job as Ops Manager for the Media Department at IHOP-KC ended at the Onething conference. This summer I plan to jump full swing into the leadership team for Awakening Teen Camps. What am I going to do with myself now? Sleep, eat, read, WRITE, sing, breathe & feel. I’m going to love Jesus with my soul a little better. That sounds pretty ambiguous and my personality needs boundaries to help set me free. SOOO, I’ve written a bit of a list of  goals for this year, not resolutions mind you, we humans break vows far too easily, but goals to reach for. Jump in with me if you will, and share some of your own!

  • Learn to love people more than I did in 2009 – in word, thought & deed
  • Raise my average sleep above 5 hours
  • Eat more than one meal a day. Intentionally.
  • Spend more time landscaping & weeding my flower beds.
  • Complete at least 3 chapters in my book by July, 5 by December
  • Continue in music lessons & strengthening vocally
  • Purchase a microphone & move towards the beginning stages of recording a rough acoustic album, mostly for the sake of my prophetic musical growth
  • Read at least one book a week, even during the months of ATC
  • Be barefoot more often.  Too much of my summers have been spent indoors the last few years
  • Paint, tear out carpet & continue the slow process of refinishing the wood in the house
  • Drink less coffee. It’s a step in the right direction to make it a goal right?
  • Take daily run’s with my dog. His abounding energy is a great motivator to actually run….. not walk
  • Spend mornings at Shiloh
  • Go to bed before 3 am ….. at least 4 days a week
  • Follow through with my “word of the day” list

It’s a start. Here’s to a year of reaching with our souls and body’s to love the Lord with all of our hearts.


One thought on “I still don’t want to grow old

  1. Christina, Great goals! I’ll be praying that with God’s help you’ll easily reach all of them! Living Deliberately For God! Blessings, Aunt Sondra

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