Prophetic Soaking Music & WTD

My time with the Lord has been so sweet this last week due to the music by my friend Bekah. I met Brandon & Bekah Fancher in the year that I worked for TheCall, both have deep passion for the ending of abortion, revival in the nations, and for hearts to be set ablaze with the love of God.

Bekah’s planning to release a LIVE album sometime this fall, but for now I’d encourge you to check out her MySpace and soak in her prophetic worship.

Today’s Word of the Day

Intention (In-ten’tion)

1. Archaic. Close attention: intentness

2. A determination to act in a certain way or to do a certain thing.

3. the object toward which the thoughts are directed; end; aim; specif.: a pl. Collog. Purpose as to marriage. b. R.C.C h. Te will to apply the benefits of a Mass, prayers, etc., to a particular person or purpose

4. Archaic. Intent or import

5. Logic. A concept or notion; esp., a concept considered as a product of attention directed to the object conceived.

6. Surg. A process or manner of healing of wounds; – called (healing by the) first intention when the healing is by union without granulation, and (healing by the) second intention when it is by granulation of the surfaces following suppuration.


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