TheCall Houston Pt.1

About 2 weeks ago I received a txt message from my friend T starting with “Do you want to go to Houston?…”

Let me say in my exhaustion….. that I have little to say 🙂 I always love roadtrips with Katrina (can you say – bottle rockets out the window?)  I am so honored to have run with theCall. Grateful to the Lord, to T and to Yale for the honor of helping in Houston. Blessed by Andy for hosting us for two days, and Gabriella for putting us up tonight where we get our own rooms and beds.

I slept about 3 hours last night, and worked a long hard day today. So “long hard” that when we finally ate (3pm dinner with T, the Engles, Martiers & Katz) I downed 3 dr.peppers and still had a hard time staying awake while driving through Houston tonight. Speaking of Houston I hate the interstate.

I finally met Levi Bethune, who’s photography I’ve admired for sometime. And got to be loved by the Lockett’s a little for a few days. This makes me think of Fredricksburg and I’m thankful for the clear distraction to steal the pain of my brother’s moving their this week. Levi, Matt, Kim – Hug Jeremy for me this week will you?

Have I ever mentioned that I love Steve Brown and Resource Group? He is STELLAR, and it’s always a blast to work with his talented, resourceful crew.

There are a few bad photographs to come later, and more thoughts. This Call event was quite different from any other’s I have done, but some dreams in my soul came to life today and my heart beats a little more real than before. Early tomorrow morning we hit the road for KC and maybe on Wednesday I’ll compose some tidbits about TheCall.


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