the violent take it by force

In the book of Matthew we hear the voice of Jesus declare “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” Proverbs 28 says “the Righteous are as bold as lions” and history tells countless tales of those who were friends of God, the ones who lived fearlessly. Think about it, we don’t hear many stories about pansies. They would hardly move us to have faith.

Oh but John, that “burning and shining lamp”, his story stirs us. Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Whitefield, John Wesley, Mother Theresa, Jim & Elisabeth Elliott, Corrie Ten Boom, so many saints, revivalists & evangelists. They move us, their stories burn within us stirring our faith and revving our engines but I am tired of being moved and then going to sleep. I’m ready to live fearlessly, ready to do great exploits for God, ready to do… something.

It’s true that I’m a dreamer & a visionary. My tendency has been to dream big dreams while lying on my back on sunny afternoons. I’ve fought to put feet to the passion in my soul….. kind of, all the while being surrounded by a multitude, a GREAT cloud of witnesses pleading for me to LIVE and RUN, to truly count the cost of knowing Christ and to deem Him worthy of throwing off every little thing that would weigh me down.

Meet Katie Davis. She’s a dreamer, with feet. She’s also one of my modern hero’s. Somewhere around my age, Katie is a single mom living in Uganda and has adopted ten children. Rather unconventional dont’ you think? Whatever you believe about single people adopting orphans you can’t deny that ten of the abandoned have found a home. Thank you Katie for loving Jesus with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength.

Faith that moves mountains anyone? Today my buddy Richy Clark made a comment about the greatest hindrance to a harvest of souls in America is undoubtedly not the message, but the messengers. Living in a  house of prayer community leaves my experience a unique one but most of my friends consider themselves “messengers” and yet I can count on one hand how many times in the last four years I have witnessed any of them telling a stranger the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hear me, I am not being cynical. I can count on one hand how many times in the last four years that I have told a stranger the good news of SALVATION FROM THEIR SINS AND FREEDOM FROM EVERY CHAIN! I who have identified myself as missionary, messenger, friend and Nazarite. So what am I, and what are we doing?

Something is stirring inside of me and I feel like it might be faith, the kind that does something. Strange musings today, but I’m about ready to see some of the kingdom of heaven here on the earth, and with or without you I’m about to take it by force.


3 thoughts on “the violent take it by force

  1. amen. a big ol’ AMEN

    i did IHOP’s Forerunner Evangelism Intensive over the summer…
    we had some interesting experiences – one in particular, we took a friend who was just living there for the summer, but who was no stranger to the ihop community, out with us to share the gospel one evening, and he went out excited to win souls, and returned weeping over how broken people really are.
    the evangelism dept. at IHOP has outreaches almost daily so you can go and not be alone, too.. definitely something to look into. talk to laurie ditto or hal linhardt or cate bryson or rodney thompson or sean cates just just go stop by the evangelism office and ask when they go out.. head out with the FEI students some time, it’s so so worth it

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