One and Two

I live in a world with two constants: 1) Jesus unchanging love and 2)everything else is CONSTANTLY changing.

These things in mind I have two big changes happening in my life.

Change number one: I have received the honor of serving as the current Jr.High youth director for IHOP-KC. Utter craziness! My plan is to give it my best and roll with it as long as the Lord leads me. At the moment I find myself overwhelmed with meetings, going to bed each night wondering what in the world I’ve gotten myself into. The thought that keeps my mind grounded is that were I on the streets of Europe working with orphans as I dream….. I would probably be doing the same things, running into the same problems, and most likely would be getting less sleep. It’s a bumpy but a good road.

Change number two: I am leaving the country for 8 days in April to minister to teenagers and children in western Europe. It’s a big deal. This will be first time in 5 years that I’ve felt the peace of the Lord to leave the country. The finances are coming in supernaturally and if my passport comes in before the fourth then it will TRULY be a miracle. Every time I think about April my heart overflows with gratitude and I cry. Literally.

The team I am going with has been consistently encouraged through emails from those serving in Europe. Here is a piece from the most recent letter,

In our continuing relationship with each other there is a bottom line. There is a goal that can be defined. I would define it as this:

That one day in a thousand years or so we all meet together again. At that meeting we’re jumping up and down, giving each other high fives because IT happened.

We define IT as the in-gathering of the complete harvest of souls in the nation(s) that we were called to serve. That in heaven there is this vast group of people from the people group we were called to that “made it”. They are there worshiping the Lamb, rejoicing in the eternal life that they have together with us forever and ever.

Amen & Amen! If you would like to know more about my trip & how to pray or would like to help with finances, please comment with your email address and I would love to talk with you.

Grace and Strength to you all, Lord knows I need it 🙂


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