The Next Great Awakening

Ever embarking on an adventure tonight I am writing notes for the first of a 7-session class on Revival History that I will be teaching for our Student Ministries 3.12 school. My thoughts on this class follow:

  1. I have never taught a class before (ie. setting curriculum, writing notes, making assignments).
  2. Truth be told I’m a Storyteller, and there’s almost no topic more on my mind these days so I’m not very worried about teaching.
  3. Preparing has given me reason to read and think about the moves of God throughout history like CRAZY these last few weeks and my soul feels nourished from the books I’m inhaling.
  4. Alyssa is going to lead worship for my class, and that’s going to be REAL good.

Tonight I am staying home from the Awakening to write and ensure that everything is done by tomorrow mid-morning with plenty of time to print. Now that I say that I remember that only 5 kids are signed up for my class. No matter, those five are worth it. I pray that a hunger for Jesus is sparked in their hearts that will never be put out.

The soundtrack to my study tonight is Jake Hamilton’s cd. Jake and his wife are apart of Refuge Prayer House in Rancho Cucamonga CA. His team led many of the prayer meetings during the 40 Days preparing for TheCall CAin 2008 and I love them. Why this music of choice for an evening of work? Check out the lyrics to his The Next Great Awakening.

I see you in the valley, Transferring death for life
I see an army coming, They all bear your light

I am not bound to reason, I live in violent love
This world can not define me, My hearts set above

For me to live it Christ, For me to die is gain
I am not shrinking back, I’ll never be the same

Four walls can not contain me, I know I’ve been possessed
I know that God is love, And there’s no failing love
So I am fearless

Come, love is overtaking me now.

This is the sound of a revolution.
This is the sound of a prophet’s cry.
This is the sound of a reformation.
This is the sound of a warrior bride.
This is the sound of a giants falling.
This is the sound that you can’t ignore.
This is the sound of a red moon rising.
This is the sound of an open door.

God, release the sound, Release the movement
I’m laying down everything

God, you promised nations, I want the nations
I’m not gonna settle, now
I, I hear the cry, I hear the longing
This is the sound of freedom

I stand in the gap, I stand here praying
For the next, Great Awakening

Revival’s not a method or a mission
Revival’s not program or a play
Revival is not a slogan
Revival is a man
His name is Jesus


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