Revival in America Again

Yup, I’m hearing Carmen in my head right now. And it’s glorious. When I was little my mom would often play Carmen on a little cassette player right next to my bed to send me off to sleep. I loved him and I would tell her that someday when I was old enough I was going to play Carmen REAL LOUD while driving around in my El Camino…

But I digress. Yesterday was my first Revival History class. My notes said the class was called “Introduction to Revival”. “Why we need Revival” would have been more accurate and the class was pretty heavy. I found myself purposefully holding back on the intensity that I felt inside so that I wouldn’t overwhelm my students, all 6 of whom are shy introverts.

Tonight I had another reminder of why we need Revival in America. I’m exhausted and so hungry, but I came into a sleeping house to find that my mother had brought me Ramen. Comfort food, Holy Spirit who is my Comforter and Kelanie Gloeckler serenating me and I’m sure to sleep tonight.

I’ll wait up for You Jesus. Dance with me while I’m dreaming.


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